Thursday, October 09, 2008


I was up way too late last night. My dogs are completely befuddled by the barn owls flying over the house every night for the last several nights. They are going totally nuts over these things. Chasing these owls who are in flight all around the house. No one has been able to get a decent night of sleep. We have had as many as six of them flying around the house.

As a result, I am up late. I watch various TNT shows. My absolute favorite is Bones. Its circles around Temperance Brennen and her partner, Seeley Booth. I watched it from the get go. I do not know if many people know the full story line. She is a foster care "adoptee." I have been also following her romance with Sullie, a coworker. All the sudden she is being pursued by a fellow in London. The next episode she is dating two men.

So I spent most of my evening and late hours watching that show.


Anonymous said...

I didn't know she was adopted in the storyline! I will have to watch more often now.

Amyadoptee said...

Temperance is the only in her family that didn't go down the road with a life of crime.

Her father came back in one episode. I tell ya she is the typical adoptee. With Sullie, it was abandon before she was abandoned. My husband thinks its because she has thing for Booth.

The Improper Adoptee said...

Hi Amy-I got your email, and am releived :) Hugs.-I am up late too and need to get some rest-I am sorry about the owls-where I live, it is bats-they get in everyone's house and they are a pain to catch and out back outside. I have heard an owl in my neighborhood for the last 10 years, but I have never seen her. I hear at dawn, and at dusk, but she always eludes me, and hides well. I hope things calm down there, so you can get the sleep you derserve. I have never seen Bones, but it sounds interesting-I will have to tune in. I am a Monkoholic in withdrawl because new episodes won't be shown until January. Maybe Bones will fill the gaps for me until then.

AngelaW said...

I love Bones. I thought Temperance was in foster care most of her life and she wasn't adopted. Temperance and her brother were abandoned for "safety" reasons by their parents.

And there was an entire season that the B-story was focused on Temperance's dad (murder, thief).

Also Temperance's mother's remains were found. And Temperance was the one to examine them. She identified the bones were her mother via a beautiful pin? Some type of jewelry.

I normally watch it on

There was one episode where Temperance used her past experience as a foster child to talk to a child. The child was also a foster child.

Temperance got the child to open up and provide information on the case by relating/understanding his mental state.