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It is totally devastating for this thirteen year old teen. The adoptee and his sibling were placed in the first place. With the adoption of his sibling group, the adopters (yes they are adopters in this story) still did not want him. So they tried giving him back to his natural parents. This child must have had a horrible self esteem. If he was acting out, by God, he was well within his right to be that way. These parents should have never been allowed to adopt. We as a society are failing our children.

I hope Michigan just as Iowa does. The first few of the initial dumpings in Nebraska are ones that I do understand. These last two are deplorable. Their right to parent needs to be questioned hard. These two are my brothers and sisters in arms. I as an adoptee must stand up and scream at the adoption industry and the families that allowed these to happen.

Here is the story and the link.

Michigan Safe Haven Teen Headed Back Home But Not To Parents

Posted: Oct 17, 2008 05:43 PM

Omaha, NE- The Michigan teen who found himself abandoned at Creighton University Medical Center by his mom will soon be back in his home state.
Michigan is taking custody of the 13-year old.
The boy's mother dropped him off Monday morning with a suitcase and a ten dollar bill.

It may be legal to drop a child up to 18 years of age at any Nebraska hospital, but the Michigan parents who used Nebraska's law are facing criminal charges in their own state. The nebraska senator who pushed for the law calls it a warning. Senator Arnie Stuthman says, "A lot more is gonna happen and they may wish they never ever thought of dropping child off."

The parents lost temporary custody of the boy and their four other kids, ages 3,5, 10 and 16. The 10, 13 and 16 year old are adopted.

Action 3 News got ahold of Michigan court documents outlining the accusations.
A Nebraska social worker says the mother described the boy as "too much to deal with"
The family had tried medication and therapy with no success and mom claims it was the boy's therapist who suggested she use the Nebraska Safe Haven law.

The parents appeared in a Michigan court Friday. Prosecutors fear the family would use Nebraska's law again saying the mother's act of dropping him in another state caused the abuse.
The Chief of Police in their hometown of Southfield, MI isn't sold on the prosecutors' claims.
Dr. James E. Thomas, Jr. says, "Going to Omaha is not an illegal purpose. She went for a legal purpose. I don't know what the hearing is about unless something is going on in the Department of Social Services that we don't know about."

The Police Chief says detectives have never been called in to investigate abuse allegations and warns Nebraska to change the safe haven law. "We got a state with a big law and a big loophole in it and if Nebraska don't close the loop, don't be surprised if people start bringing kids to Nebraska by the busload."

Sen. Stuthman says, "They may be prosecuted criminally and have the rest of children taken away and may have the court system look at a situation and make them go to family parenting classes and do things that people don't realize."

The court papers outline how the family tried to give back the adopted boy since he was four... even going to the birth mother.
An interesting note, the family received extra money from the state, who agreed the boy has behaviorial problems and is difficult to raise.

Reported by, Michelle Bandur;

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