Wednesday, October 08, 2008


A friend and fellow blogger (has no connection to adoption except through me), asked me what about medical history for adoptees. Why can't we attack the adoptee rights issue through that? Its hard to describe why it doesn't work.

Another dear friend and mother blogger pointed this out to me a couple of years ago. She is very correct on it. No one has access to someone else's medical records. I don't have access to my adoptive family's medical records. Even when my adoptive mother was in the hospital, I still did not have access. My adoptive mother is a very private person. My sisters have access to information from her though. We all speak to each other regularly. I speak with my mother at least once to twice a week. Some times more and some times less. My mother has severe allergies and severe asthma. We all know that this hereditary. We grew up knowing about them and she has fought against them.

Yes adoptees should have their medical history but this is an issue that we really can't force upon mothers and fathers. It would be a violation of their HIPPA rights. Interestingly enough, I was read the very private counseling sessions of my mother and her family. I guess its not a violation of HIPPA since I was not given her name. That in itself is very alarming to me. I would have much rather had her name than her private medical history. The reason why she had counseling is because she was not adjusting well to her new environment at the Suemma Coleman Home for Unwed Mothers. Geez I wonder why. I guess maybe I am just like her. Ornery to the core. Its a shame that they had to attack her at her family level.

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