Tuesday, October 07, 2008


It is a new day. We just had a cold front blow through my neck of the woods. I love the smells and the feel of fall in the air. Cooler weather just brings a peace of mind to mind. It allows me to concentrate on a few thoughts. As I am sitting here writing this, the smallest kitten of our latest litter of cats is sitting comfortably on my lap. He was on my shoulders, rubbing against my head. He is my silverback cat. He is so sweet just like his daddy. Stormie, his father, is an absolute charmer. His mother and his siblings have all been moved outside. Vince is still in the house because I want to ensure his survival outside.

As I began this morning reading over my google alerts, I noticed several articles that are of importance to me. I think it is awesome that the retired Judges of Arkansas are standing up against the new voter initiative in Arkansas to ban gay adoption. It should be not even be allowed to be voted on. Gays have a tendancy to adopt out of the foster care system. I am not willing to deny a child a chance of a family because of sexual preference. I can think of many reasons why a gay family would be better than a straight family. We are also not in a position to deny foster care children families. We have over 100,000 in foster care which are legally available for adoption.

Another issue for me which is along the same lines is privatization of foster care. Nebraska is the next state to consider it. Texas has privatized foster care. There is not real accountability to the children of this state. I have read many a horrifying story about children in foster care on the Department of Family and Protective Services. Its not working for Texas. Adoption agencies are in it to make money. They are not in it to help children. I remember reading one complaint where the foster child did something wrong. The foster mother made the child run to the edge of their property and back until the foster father got home. Other stories included keep the foster child in the garage until the appropriate parent got home. These companies and agencies continue to allow this to happen. Then we have deaths all across this country. We have the two young girls who were killed and placed in a freezer. We have the recent death of a Russian adoptee. Type in adopted child in your google news tool bar. You will see what I see every day. Its got to stop. We have to make changes to reduce this kind of situation.

We do not need to be taking in children whose parents did not do anything other than being poor. It has got to stop. If there is physical abuse, then remove the child. If there is none, why remove the child? We need to make changes.

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