Thursday, October 16, 2008


This is entitlement at its finest. There is no other way to describe it. This woman is 57 years old. She adopted a five year old boy. She is going to be at least 70 when he is considered a legal adult. After four to five years of college, she will be seventy five. She will probably be long deceased by the time he has children of his own. They will miss out on their grandmother. She is complaining about him missing out on her grandmother.

Here is the story and the link.

Lynda La Plante, the crime writer, has criticised adoption laws after she disclosed it took 18 months for her to bring her son from the US to the UK, while David Miliband did so within five days.

The Prime Suspect author became a mother at the age of 57 and has said US adoption laws were "ridiculous" after it took 18 months to get her son from Florida to the UK.

She adopted Lorcan, now five, in 2003, after her 20-year-marriage to American musician Richard La Plante broke down following multiple miscarriages.

She said: "A woman tries for years to have a baby and when she finally bows to the inevitable, she's told that, at 37, she's too old to adopt."

The author criticised the policy because it allowed Mr Miliband, the Foreign Secretary, to adopt a child quickly because his wife has US citizenship.

Speaking to Woman's Weekly, she said: "What gets me is that a politician with David Miliband, because he has an American wife, can go to the US, adopt a baby and bring him back within five days.

"I wasn't allowed to bring Lorcan back to the UK (from Florida) for 18 months, while all the paper was sorted out.

"That meant he missed a year and a half of my mother's life, and she died two years ago. It's all wrong."

Mr Miliband, 43, and his wife Louise, 45, adopted Isaac from America three years ago.

Last October, they adopted eight-month-old Jacob.

They were able to adopt much more easily in the US than Britain, where they is a complex vetting system.

For a baby under the age of one in the UK, the average time between the child being placed in local authority care and being adopted is 820 days.

Mrs La Plante said in order to adopt, she had to rent a house in Florida and she faced months of assessments, blood and fitness tests.

As part of the adoption process, she also had to satisfy both British and US adoption authorities before applying to immigration officials to bring the child into the UK.

She has now set up a charity to help couples having adoption difficulties.

A spokesman for Mr Miliband said: "The Milibands followed the same consular rules and practices as those that apply to any other British couple adopting from the US."

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Anonymous said...

Hmm... a 57-year-old woman from out of the U.S. successfully obtains a five-year-old boy from Florida, the hotbed of all slithery adoptions lately... why am I not surprized?