Saturday, October 18, 2008


Okay this letter to the editor just ticked me off. The woman that killed two girls and placed them in her freezer is just a mother. Nope she is not. She doesn't even deserve the title of adoptive mother. She is not a mother if she killed her children. She adopted those girls to get federal funds period. She is an adopter. Adoptive parents who do wrong by their adoptees are adopters pure and simple.

Here is the link and the letter.

The Girls' Mother

Please stop referring to the Maryland woman who allegedly killed two of her children and abused a third as their "adoptive mother." She became their mother by way of adoption, instead of giving birth to them. But she is still their mother. When Banita Jacks was accused of killing her children in the District, you didn't call her their "birth mother" in every article.

As a mother by way of international adoption, I endured months of scrutiny by social workers, adoption agencies and even the federal immigration service. It angers me that a woman not suitable to be a parent was allowed to adopt three children -- and that no one acted to stop her. However, every time you refer to her as an "adoptive mother," you imply that an adoptive parent is somehow less of a parent.

Go find data on parents who abuse and kill their children and find out what percentage were parents via adoption. The issue is that she shouldn't have been allowed to adopt the children. But the fact is that, no matter how she treated them, she was their mother.

-- Kelly Bower

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