Monday, October 27, 2008


Okay I have mentioned that I have begun homeschooling my daughters. Its for many different reasons. My daughter found money on the hallway floor and they wanted to give her five days suspension for theft. This would have been placed in her permanent file. Sorry I can see one day but they were not willing to budge. The other thing is that we live so far out in the country that no school district is willing to pick my daughters up from near our area. When we get bad weather in, its very very difficult to get out. I did not like that they were teaching the TEKS test here in Texas. My daughter was a year and half behind on her math alone. Frustrating that my tax dollars are forcing teachers to teach a dang test that is used to evaluate them. My daughter is the one that is held back because of her attendence despite her grades and her passing the TEKS. Nope No way No how.

I joined a local homeschooling email list. I realized that I would have to deal with the bible thumpers. For most of my time on this list, they kept the religious bullshit down to a minimum. Then there were a few comments about Barack Obama. I let them slide because someone else beat me to the punch. I see this Colorado bill being pushed and asking all of us to write to the legislators in Colorado and to donate funds to them. Keep in mind this is an email list about the education of our children. It is not about the presidential election, abortion or adoption. I do not bring my adoptee rights nor adoption reform stuff to that board. I am also on a Swedish Weave email list. Again its not about adoption. So its not even mentioned. I am cool with that.

This email made this list:

The Personhood Amendment Needs One Last All-out Effort!

For the last forty years, special interests, like Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL), have made decisions that should rightfully be made by Colorado voters. All the while, these groups have used your tax dollars for their own gain. Now is your chance to help restore power to its proper place -- you, the voter.

For more information, please go to:

Amendment 48, the Personhood Amendment, will allow the democratic process to decide issues that, for decades, have been determined by the abortion industry and its allies. It will catch our laws up to our science and restore the intrinsic value of every human being, no matter what stage of development.

No wonder this proposed amendment amassed 131,000 signatures during the petition drive to put it on the ballot. Setting a record for the number of signatures raised is amazing because they were largely collected by unpaid volunteers.

Of course, the same special interests that profit from abortion worked hard to keep the Personhood Amendment off the ballot. They claim they want 'choice', but don't want to allow Colorado voters the choice of determining if our state constitution should define 'person' or 'persons' as beginning at fertilization*.

The Amendment 48 position is backed by every geneticist and embryology textbook available.

The 'no on 48' campaign is funded primarily by Planned Parenthood, but has also received donations from NARAL, the ACLU, and even individuals like late-term Boulder abortionist Warren Hern.

These are all groups and individuals that benefit from the multi-billion dollar abortion industry. Because there is no financial profit in ending abortion, Amendment 48 is strictly a grass roots effort. But even though its opponents have been able to outspend us five to one, 48 is gaining momentum because of the hard work and donations of thousands of volunteers.

We can't let up now. We have been able to keep pace with the 'no on 48' coalition by outworking them, but there is one important area where more funding is an absolute necessity – television advertising.

In the Denver market it costs approximately $100 to run one of our ads, but we need to run the ads thousands of times! The opposition has been hammering away with their propaganda, constantly drumming their mantras and scare tactics into the minds of the voters. We need to offset their efforts with a good dose of truth. We have ads prepared and you can view them at

Anything you can contribute will help. So far, our thousands of volunteers have neutralized the opposition's well-funded efforts and driven our own campaign forward. If we each contribute what we can, we can also counteract their advertising. Victory is in sight, but we need one last all-out effort.

We all have a responsibility to protect innocent life. The fight to protect life is here in Colorado but you can help even if you do not live here!

Colorado voters have an unprecedented opportunity to do exactly that by acknowledging what we know to be true.

Help us tell the truth with your donation, and tell everyone you know to vote yes on 48!

Keith Mason

This group claims that the abortion clinics earn big money. Oh Contrare compared to the adoption industry, they earn pennies on the dollar. Right to Life is connected to crisis pregnancy centers which in turn are connected to the adoption industry. The adoption industry earns billions of dollars of domestic infant, international adoption and foster care adoption.

Interesting that even RESOLVE who is usually very pro adoption is against this bill. According to their site, these are the questions that come up for them:

If one or more microscopic embryos from an IVF cycle do not develop normally in the lab or fail to result in live births after transfer (all natural events), could the physician, lab, and/or patient be criminally liable?

Would non-IVF treatments such as simple inseminations be threatened because they carry a risk of miscarriage?6 Would clinics with high miscarriage rates after inseminations be at risk for criminal liability? Could the miscarrying women be subject to criminal charges?

Would women with fibroids or other uterine abnormalities be forbidden to try to have babies because the problems with their uteruses reduce the chances that an embryo will successfully implant after IVF or an insemination?

What will be the ramifications for fertilized eggs that have been created in the course of fertility treatment but have not been transferred to a woman’s uterus? Who will have legal responsibility for them?

Will these laws take from parents the rights of disposition over their embryos? Could embryos and their parents be adversaries in a legal proceeding? Is this a desirable outcome?

Not all frozen embryos survive the thaw process. Could embryo freezing be prohibited as too risky?

Will patients be prevented from donating their frozen embryos to research after they complete infertility treatments?

Will patients’ medical records be subpoenaed to ensure that no one violated the embryos’ constitutionally guaranteed right to life?

If a Colorado woman travels to another state for IVF, would her eggs still be defined by Colorado law such that doctors in no other states would offer her treatment? Would she be forbidden to move any currently frozen embryos to another state to continue her treatment?

If infertility patients in Colorado cannot afford to live in another state during treatment, will they simply have to forego the dream of having a family?

The Colorado Catholic Conference has chosen not to support it because they believe it will fail at the Supreme Court level. I bet money too that there are questions about the mother's rights as well for them.

I read this article on RHReality Check. Its very enlightening. This bill was introduced and backed by people who push others to bomb Planned Parenthood Clinics. Another article that came up on my radar as well from this group was this one.

One particular part of the latter article had me standing on edge:

Laura Pemberton wanted to have a vaginal birth after a previous delivery by Cesarean surgery. Because no hospital would admit her unless she agreed to deliver again by surgery, she stayed home to give birth. While there, in active labor and near delivery, an armed Sheriff knocked on her door. He had orders to take her into custody. He strapped her legs together and brought her to a hospital to determine whether she could be forced to have the Cesarean surgery. A lawyer was appointed for the fetus, but not for Ms. Pemberton. Ms. Pemberton vehemently opposes abortion, but she nevertheless believed in her right to evaluate medical risks and benefits to herself and her unborn child. She was forced to have the unnecessary surgery. When she later sued for violations of her civil rights, was told she had none."

Interesting that she had no rights to make the best decision for her body and her child. This kind of bill will do this for the rest of women. It will do it to my daughters. I want my daughters to have a choice on their own reproductive health just like I did. These folks would have the government regulate pregnant women and their choices.

I hope this bill doesn't pass. I wrote the moderator and said that it was totally uncalled for and I removed myself from that email list. Screw them and their negative thoughts.


Rev. Donald Spitz said...

Any coward who supports abortion has the blood of babies on their hands.

SAY THIS PRAYER: Dear Jesus, I am a sinner and am headed to eternal hell because of my sins. I believe you died on the cross to take away my sins and to take me to heaven. Jesus, I ask you now to come into my heart and take away my sins and give me eternal life.

AngelaW said...

I am stunned... forced to have a cesarean?