Friday, October 03, 2008


Seriously what is the deal with the free advertisement for Bethany or other agencies? I do not get it. I have heard more and more complaints against Bethany and other NCFA agencies that I am mystified why adoptive parents just don't steer clear of them. I know that more and more have done it. They are beginning to doubt the sincerity of these agencies. I can't say that I blame them. Why would anyone want to deal with agencies that are just interested in the money?

How can anyone say that adoption is different today? Its not. It is still mired in secrecy, myths and lies. As long as adoptees' birth certificates are still sealed from them, as long as an expectant mother is called a "birth" mother, as long as adoptive parents are ridiculed by adoption agencies, things have not changed. Things are very much the same except that they have found gimmicks to lure us into their traps. As long as the industry regulates itself, things will not change. As long as the industry ignores the adoptee, the natural parents, and the adoptive parents, things will not change. How many adoption agencies have to be shut down before the federal government will listen? I am tired of the lies, the secrecy and the myths. How about some TRUTH for a change? How about a good strong sense of reality? How about acknowledging the TRUTH of those LIVING adoption? Screw the damn agencies.

Here is the story:

Adoption for some brings good memories and for others it brings bad memories. Today adoption is handled much differently than in the past. It is a unique experience for each individual birth parent and adoptive family.

There are more choices available along with help to make those choices. Bethany Christian Service is one place that offers that kind of help. We recently learned that they have a new office in Redding.

Bethany Christian Services is based in Grand Rapids, Mich.

with locations throughout our nation. Their services are available to birth parents before, during and after delivery and placement.

The counseling is free of charge and free from pressure.

Counselors help birth parents explore the options available to them. The move today is toward openness for those who choose adoption. This is where the birth parent and adoptive family stay in contact in some form. It could be from letters and pictures to direct contact either by telephone, e-mail or letter.

It could also involve faceto- face visits.

The birth parents can have the joy of knowing they chose a quality life for their child. They will be able to choose the adoptive family. Also they can also know their child is growing and developing as they continue some form of contact.

The counselors are there to answer all questions as the birth parents explore what is right for them. They help them make a plan they can live with long-term. The agency also handles all the

legal details and there is no cost to the birth parents.

Birth parents can also meet with others who have chosen adoption for their child. They can ask questions and listen to their e x p e r i e n c e s.

Families that have adopted a child are also available for them to meet with and to answer questions about how they see the process.

If the birth mother is in need of housing during pregnancy there is a home for them to live at. There is one of these homes located in Northern California.

The services provided there are all free and include: counseling, childbirth classes and labor support, referrals for community and education programs, arrangements for prenatal care, assistance in obtaining Medi-Cal coverage, clothing and personal hygiene products, bus passes or transportation assistance.

They can accommodate up to six residents at a time. There is a laundry room and supplies are provided.

A telephone is available for local calls.

Phone cards are required for long distance calls.

They also serve healthy and nutritious foods.

Spiritual needs are also addressed. The ministry is operated and funded by local churches and individuals.

Residents and staff attend weekly worship services. If a resident is of a different faith, she is welcome to attend a service of her choice. An inhome Bible study is also available.

Always be informed and make a choice that can be lived with longterm.

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