Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Okay so I voted today. As a person who researches politics, my curiosity was peaked when I saw this movie, Uncounted, on Starz. Election fraud is something that all Americans should be concerned about. I am not talking the ACORN situation. I am talking about the actual vote of Americans being bought or stolen. It is something that both Democrats and Republicans as Americans need to be upset and concerned over.

After I voted, I requested a paper copy of my vote. I was looked at as if insane. I was just testing to see what the election representatives would say. I was told that there was no paper trail. Wow. So my vote or even my husband's vote could be flipped and neither of us would be the wiser for it. Even though my husband is voting Republican, I called and told him about it. He whined well what is the point of my voting. I said no because you still have a responsibility to vote. He was thinking that the Democrats would flip his vote. I said no that it has actually gone in the favor of Republicans in the past. It is however still something to be concerned about. The vote is about the voice of American people. It is a right that many women of the past have fought for. It is a right that I as American citizen have fought for. I have gone to war for my beliefs. It should reflect all Americans who have voted. IF you don't vote, shame on you. You are shirking your responsibility as an American.

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