Tuesday, November 25, 2008


It looks like the ban will be lifted. CNN and many other news services are putting this story out there in Florida. It looks like this may reverberate thorough the country. It puts all the laws against gay/lesbian adoption on alert. These laws are becoming unconstitutional all over the country.

Here is the story and the link.

(CNN) -- A Florida circuit judge declared unconstitutional Tuesday a 31-year-old state law that prevents gays and lesbians from adopting children, saying "the blanket exclusion" of gay applicants "defeated Florida's goal of providing dependent children a permanent family."

"The best interests of children are not preserved by prohibiting homosexual adoption," Judge Cindy S. Lederman wrote in her 53-page ruling.

Florida is the only state that specifically bans all "homosexual" people from adopting children, although it does allow them to be foster parents.

This month, Arkansas voters approved a ballot measure to prohibit unmarried partners -- same-sex or opposite-sex couples -- from adopting children or from serving as foster parents.

The measure is similar to one in Utah, which excludes same-sex couples indirectly through a statute barring all unmarried couples from adopting or taking in foster children.

Mississippi allows single gays and lesbians to adopt but prohibits same-sex couples from adopting

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