Friday, November 21, 2008


What is PEAR? It is Parents for Ethical Adoption Reform. As time moves on, I see more and more adoptive parents joining organizations or creating organizations similar to this one. This organization supports adoptee access. That makes hoop and hollar for them even more as an adoptee. They are calling adoption agencies and their affliatinos to the mat with many of the ethical issues prevalent in adoption today.

Here is their recent press release.

We are PEAR.Parents for Ethical Adoption Reform. We are an all-volunteer,
nonprofit, grassroots group of adoptive parents and prospective adoptive
parents. As parents, our adopted children need OUR voices to speak for them.
We represent adoptive parents' right to ethical treatment from all parties
from the moment prospective parents make the decision to adopt until the
child is an adult. For too long, groups run by non-triad members have
usurped our role in representing ourselves. We need APs and PAPs to work and
give their input on the gaps that still exist.

We are currently:

.. =>Addressing issues related to Hague accreditation process

.. =>Researching and creating legislative proposals addressing the
regulation, licensing and oversight of adoption agencies.

.. =>Creating an Adoptive Parent Bill of Rights.

.. =>Creating a Prospective Adoptive Parent's Bill of Rights.

.. =>Creating a Survey of Post Adoption Services and Support for Adoptive

.. =>Supporting legislation providing full and open access to original birth
records for all adult adoptees

Future projects include:

.. =>Encouraging the creation of a Code of Ethics for Adoption Professionals

.. =>Researching and addressing the corruptive role of fees in domestic and
international adoptions

.. =>Addressing the lack of full disclosure of information in adoption by
both public and private agencies.

.. =>Creating a Consumer Reporting Board for addressing conflicts between
agencies and their clients

Please join us* at http://www.pear- and make a difference!


Board of Directors, PEAR

*Included in your membership is a Free, detailed IA doctor directory of 128
US doctors. This is the most up-to-date and detailed listing available!

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