Wednesday, December 31, 2008


This has got to be one of the coolest digital photo frames in the world. I mean cool. You can hook up this digital photo frame to a phone line and get current pictures sent straight to this digital photo frame. I would like to give this kind of digital photoframe to my mother. She would absolutely love it. She would wake up to her granddaughters every day. She is always complaining that we do not make it to central Texas on a regular basis. It is just too expensive to travel that far. I do not make that much money to be able to do so. I make enough to supplement my husband's income. It offsets the grocery bills and the homeschooling bills.

You can connect these frames to an existing phone line. You can then send pictures from your computer to the Cieva digital photo frame. This frame automatically updates the pictures for you. You can also send pictures by email to the Cieva digital photo frame using either your computer, camara, or your cell phone. It is all that simple. They have many different styles to suit your fancy. Shoot they are not that expensive either. I saw a couple of digital picture frames at Sam's just the other day. They were well over 200 bucks. I am pretty sure that they were not near as cool or techno saavvy as these are. So check out Cieva and their awesome picture frames.

Digital Photo Frame


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