Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Heros at Home is a program sponsored by Sears for the soldier fighting off in Afghanistan and in Iraq. This is for the soldiers and their families. It is a program that helps give them a Christmas to be remembered and much needed home improvements on the home front. It is not tax deductible but it is however a good thing. It helps the people and their families who defend our country and our constitution.

Even if you do not support the war in these two countries, it is important to support the soldiers in these countries. They are doing the hard work so that we can all live free. The Heros at Home Registry is a listing of the soldiers whose families need help with Christmas and many of the other holidays through the year. I remember serving my country in the first Iraq war. I was a member of the United States Army serving as a medical laboratory specialist. My hometown of San Marcos fully supported its soldiers overseas.

So if you want to help these wonderful men and women, please give to the Heros at Home registry. It equally distributes all the gifts that Americans have donated to the soldiers and their families to help them have a great Christmas. It also helps them fix the homes that they live in. It gives them a better quality of life.


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