Thursday, December 04, 2008


I normally do not drink. I am usually the sober one amongst all the rowdies at various ranch functions. I can't handle beer. I don't drink a lot of mixed drinks either. In fact its been YEARS since I drank. I have always been envious of friends who can drink wine and who understand the different styles and flavors.

Its winter now. I usually get a bottle of Carolyn's Irish Cream to spike my coffee every now and then. Well now I stay home with my kids. I have been listening to friends talk about various wines. I stopped by United Market Place. That is one of our local grocery stores. They have huge selection of wines. I finally asked another customer about the various ones. I wanted a red or burgandy. I found one that is light, little bit dry but sweet. But not heavy sweet like desert wine. Actually I have been told that most of their wines are like that. I really liked this red wine. It is called Wichita Red. I am definitely looking forward to visiting the vineyard. Its on my way into Wichita Falls.

The last time that I really enjoyed any wine was when I was stationed in Germany. Germany has some of the best tasting wines. I haven't found one that I liked until yesterday. This isn't by any means an ad for this company. I have just have to say that you have to try this wine. Its really good. It would make a great gift. It would also be a good wine to enjoy after long hard day. It goes down that easy.

If you get the chance, try Wichita Falls Vineyards and Winery. They even have a chocolate wine that I would love to try.


Anonymous said...

Duplin Winery in North Carolina has some really nice wines. Our favorites are the seasonals.

Check out their website for more selections (yeah this is a plug ;))

maybe said...

Thanks for the tip, I'll keep my eyes open for that one.