Saturday, September 30, 2006


I look forward to watching my favorite detective/crime shows. I am not a big fan of Law and Order but I do like the CSI's and many of its spin offs. One that I enjoyed thoroughly was the Friday show on CBS called "Numb3ers". This was a two part episode. The first one was the season opener. The second one took the story from there. It started with a 30 something woman running away with a 15 or so teenage boy. They took off robbing and killing everybody in their path. Well the FBI finally catches the boy. At that point the woman kidnaps a female agent. The woman tells the agent her story. She was a 15 year old birth mother who had her child taken from her by her then boyfriend. He of course sold the child on the black market. The female agent tells the woman that she is not the mother and that she has no right to the child. That other people have given up their lives to raise that child. She seriously injures the agent and goes off to find her daughter. She has managed to kill the boyfriend and the others who profited from the sale of her daughter. She now knows the adoptive parents name and her daughters new name. The FBI is not that far behind. As she is getting to her daughter's home, the FBI is coming up right behind. She calls the female agent and tells her that she wants to speak with her teenage boyfriend. The phone call is allowed and the FBI find her. She is driving towards the blockade with a grenade in her hand. The FBI obviously shoots her dead and the grenage goes off. The end.

Why is it that adoptees and birthparents are always portrayed as crazy psychotic people? Especially if we search? I want to know where these people get these kind of ideas that biological families are ungrateful and crazy. It is so not cool. I am not crazy nor am I ungrateful. Why should we continue to allow this to happen?


Unknown said...

Oh, dear, a birthmother carrying a grenade to reunion, what next?

Anonymous said...

I was concerned with this portrayal as well. I really like this show and wondered why they would chose to take this route. I didn't really feel like it was as much about relinquishment as it was about a baby being stolen and sold.

I still wish they could have made that more the issue - the stolen and sold part - rather than the search and reunion.

Mia said...

Good question. This kind of portrayal happens in the media all the time and it always makes me so mad. I guess you could say it makes me....angry! lol Maybe you could write the producers and tell them what you thought of this episode. I have done this a couple of times. I have no idea if they even read it but it makes me feel better to try.