Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I have five key issues on which I vote people into office.

1.) Adoptee rights

I believe in adoptee rights. We are a group that gets ignored. People naturally assume that we have access to our records. We don't. All members of the triad deserve access to the original birth certificate. No ifs or ands about it. It should not be subject to non-disclosure vetos or non-contact vetos. It takes rights away from adoptees and their families. Records should be opened to all adults only. As adults, a majority of us conduct ourselves as adults. Many of us are responsible in our lives. I know that I have served my country. I am a mother. I have a job. I do my best to pay my bills. I am a pet owner. I am also a wife. I keep myself educated when it comes to voting.

2.) Women's rights.

I believe in a woman's right to choose. I may not be for abortion personally. I do know that there are situations that it is needed. It is not for everyone. I also believe in adoption when it is done right. I also believe in parenting a child. All are choices. After having read countless articles about how women are coerced into giving their children up for adoption. Where it is public policy in CPC's to humiliate, degrade and disrespect women into giving their children up, something must be done. Information should be provided equally. There are ways to help a woman get on her feet after having a child. Neither one of the opposing sides seem to understand that women don't have an antagonistic view of their children. They generally want what it is best for them and their children. They just assume that is what all women feel toward their children. Adoption does have side effects just as abortion does. Each decision whichever is made is a difficult one. Each deserves equal weight and information. Every woman deserves her own autonomy. I don't want my daughters to have to face someone else forcing a decision down their throats. I don't want the government telling me what I can and can't do with my body. I also believe that open adoptions should be held to contracts. A majority of mothers want to know that their children are okay. As adoptive parents you owe it to your children and your child's extended families the truth. It makes you a stronger and better parent to be that way. My own adoptive mother will tell you that in a heart beat.

3.) Children Rights.

Each and every child deserves to live in a safe, healthy and happy home. No child deserves to be abused in any form. I know abuse happens in both natural and adoptive families. Children should not be removed for poverty. The only time a child should be removed from their families is when there is abuse. I believe that Social Services needs to be vamped up. Children need child advocates. Honest people doing a good job. Social workers don't need to have tons of cases dumped on them thus not allowing them to do their jobs.

4.) Worker Rights.

I believe every worker in the United States should be paid a living wage. Every worker in the United States deserves to work in a safe, healthy, and sane environment. Every worker in the United States deserves to work in an emotionally healthy environment. No one deserves to work in unsafe, hostile work environment. I think every employer should pay overtime and provide a decent health insurance. A majority of people filing for bankruptcy file because of health issues.

5.) Veterans Rights.

Veterans have fought for our rights in this country. They deserve the benefits that were promised to them when they signed their contract. Many of our homeless are veterans. Is that how we treat veterans? They all deserve a lifetime of health benefits.

It is these key issues that I vote on. It is also my responsibility to make my feelings known to the people that I vote for. So I do my job in voting people that are going to see my issues done right. It is also your job to do just that.

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