Wednesday, November 22, 2006


What do we as triad members to be grateful for? I am grateful for Ann Fessler. She told birth mothers' stories. I am grateful to the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute for putting out their study. I am grateful that we are all finally discussing this issue. So many people assume it is easy for all of us to get our records. Our stories bit by bit are being heard.

Other things that I am grateful for: My family.

My husband is one of those billion that are hard to find. Yep I found him and he is all mine. God knows how much I love him. Yes he so gets IT.

My daughters - I have got two of the coolest kids in the world. I worry about how the world and our society will treat them in the future. Its for them that I fight. I want them to have the freedom that I and many others have fought for.

My pets - all of them. Smokie the big black cat - the sweetest most loving feline. Shorty - the most possessive and spoiled horse in the world. The great and mighty Figgy - the hardest working ranch yorkie in the world. Yes he works livestock. Of course, Shorty usually runs him off. Shorty doesn't like too many male animals near me and the girls. I have been startled off the computer a time or two because he is stomping on the cellar door. It usually means he wants me to come outside. That goodness - I didn't get my birth mother's allergy to cats. Hopefully she isn't allergic to dogs and horses but she might not know all that stuff. She doesn't live in that kind of environment.

My Adoptive Mom - Thank you for encouraging me. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for asking me to search. It may not have turned out the way you and I wanted but I am stronger for it.

My Birth Mother - I don't know if you are reading this. Yes you made me stronger, louder, and feistier. Its for you as well as myself that I fight. Its because of you that I have chosen this battle to fight and hopefully win. All I ever wanted from you was to see you. I wanted to know what I looked like. In time though - hopefully it will be a safer environment by the time I get done with it. My friends and I will do our best to make it safe.

My Brothers and Sisters - In time we will all get together. Again I fight for you and for the time when we can be an us. I have three cool sisters for you guys to meet.

My friends - Last but most definitely not least - from Janice, Sararae, Christy, Mirah, Marley, Mary Anne, Mia, Joy, Claudia, Wraith, King Kranky, Dbannie, Lynn, Sandy, Erik, Bets, Rose, Twotrux, J.B., Marie, and the many many others. Many of you have allowed me to take a knee when I was hurting. Many of you have held me up when I needed it. Many of you helped me maintain my strength when I just couldn't handle it.

Thank you all - Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Our wishes are finally coming forth. Now we can go after the laws that keep us away from our extended families.


suz said...

lovely post. you anger - yet obvious compassion for you bmom - is clear. hugs.

Anonymous said...


I hope you and your family had a fantastic Thanksgiving Amy!!!!!