Wednesday, December 27, 2006


It is important that this man gets the message that what he is doing is violating the law. That he is hurting the child that he adopted. That he is perpetrating the myth of adoption. Lets show him that we will not stand for it.

Teen Dad Tangled in Custody Battle

Reported By: Keith Whitney
Web Editor: Leigha Baugham

A 17-year-old Gwinnett County boy and his family are tangled in a painful custody battle and they were hoping for a Christmas miracle Friday night.Rashad Head is a 17-year-old dad and he’s involved in a custody battle that could lead to an expensive court fight.“These people knew that I wanted my son from day one, before they got him in their home. And they still decided to take him away, even after talking to them face-to-face, they still wouldn’t give me a picture of him or anything like that,” said Head.Head’s son was given up by the 16-year-old mother, without Head ever knowing.“She gave this baby to these people, she hasn’t give them custody, she signed away her parental rights and they have the baby with them right now,” said Head.The Heads soon learned that the baby was in the custody of Superbowl stand-out, Ricky Watters.“I believe that the couple that has the baby are wealthy and well off and I believe their goal is to tie this up into litigation to basically bankrupt this family so they will not be able to continue to fight for their son,” said Head’s attorney, Leslie Gresham.Gresham claims Watters’ lawyers have been delaying the proceedings until the baby has formed a bond with his adoptive parents.“The tragedy of it is that Ricky Watters also has another son, so he knows what it feels like to have your son sitting on your lap. We’re really making the appeal to him and to his wife and to his family. The greatest gift to be given to this family and to Rashad Head is for him to return his son back to him,” said family spokesperson Derrick Boazman.The Head family will go to court January 5 to ask a judge to rule in their favor.


Dear Mr. Watters,

My name is Amy K. Burt. I am the daughter of a man who was just like Rashad Head. I beg you to give his child back to him.

To give you a bit of my background, I am an adoptee out of Indiana. I live in Texas with my husband and two daughter. I recently began my search in January of 2006. My birth mother refused contact with me. I am fine with that but Indiana law will not allow me to make contact with my birth father because of that issue. I found out that my birth father was married and had an affair with my birth mother. My birth father had lost three children to an genetic defect. I have one sister. He went back to his wife and told her the entire story. She too wanted to adopt me. My birth mother punished him because of that reason alone. He even called back to the adoption agency hoping that I had not been place. So now here I am knowing that my birth father has very little time left because he is 80 years of age. He deserves the right to know who I am and what I became.

This young man followed all the rules the right way. This young man deserves to have his child back. If you were in this young man's position, wouldn't you be fighting just as hard? I am your child fourty years down the road. My own adoptive parents want me to find my birth father. Please don't deny this young man his rights. Please don't deny your adopted child his heritage, the right to know his father, and his family. Please give him back to his father. The birth mother and the adoption agency and attorney broke the law. Do you really want this child to grow up knowing that you denied his basic rights? That you fought to keep him when his own father wanted him? I can't believe someone in your position would do something like this. It seems like it is getting more and more typical of high powered, high moneyed people such as yourself and Madonna. To take a child from a parent because they are young and/or impoverished.

Amy K. Burt
aka Michelinn

These are the links that you can use to write this man and comment on his forum.

Okay folks time to start writing another wealthy adoptive set of parents to let them know that what they are doing is illegal

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