Monday, January 08, 2007


Okay here is the update on Allison Quets. The battle line is now being drawn. Hopefully this will get resolved. If you want to do something, write the Attorney General, write the state legislature, and the Governor. Let them know that you want her to have her children back.

The FBI tells Eyewitness News that Allison Quets was turned over to U.S. custody at the Canadian/American border and taken to Syracuse, New York.
According to the FBI, she is scheduled to appear before a federal judge in Syracuse this afternoon. Quets will remain in federal custody and some time this week U.S. Marshals will escort her back to North Carolina.
Quets is facing international parental kidnapping charges for taking her biological twin children from their adoptive parents late last month. She was arrested in Ottawa, Canada and the 17-month-old twins were returned to their adoptive parents' home in Apex.
If she is not set free Monday, she will be brought back to the Eastern District of North Carolina, likely to Raleigh, to face federal charges of kidnapping. The FBI says that would probably mean she wouldn't return to North Carolina until Tuesday at the earliest.
If she is allowed to go free on bail, it will be up to her to find transportation back to her home in Florida or to her apartment in Durham.
Quets was allowed visitation with her twins, Holly and Tyler as the custody battle continues in Florida courts. "I think of their faces. I think of their eyes. I think of how they look at me. I think of how much they want me to hold them, and I can't, 'cause I'm not there," Quets said.
Quets says after a debilitating pregnancy, she felt forced into putting the children up for adoption. She's been fighting to regain custody since.
The Needhams, the twins' adoptive parents, have only talked through a family spokesperson, and they don't want to talk specifically about the custody dispute.
Family friend, Melissa Bennett says Mrs. Needham wants the twins out of the media spotlight. "And that's one of the reasons that the Needhams have declined to speak on camera, because they need to be able to go out in the community without disruption. And they ask that the media continue to respect their privacy during this time."


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