Sunday, January 21, 2007


Planned Parenthood of Indiana and the Independent Adoption Center are delighted to announce the successful adoption placement of a newborn baby girl who rang in the new year with her new family.
When a woman is facing an unplanned pregnancy, it is important that she considers all her options. As part of balanced options counseling, Planned Parenthood of Indiana refers women to adoption centers as a resource in their decision-making process. Those referrals are now much easier with an innovative collaboration with the Independent Adoption Center.
Through the partnership, Planned Parenthood offers office space at its Georgetown Road facility in Indianapolis to the IAC at an extremely reduced rate. This new collaboration allows the IAC to offer on-site adoption counseling and Planned Parenthood to better assist women with the option of adoption.
This joint endeavor reflects Planned Parenthood's long-standing beliefs and practices, which focus more than 95 percent of the agency's resources on the prevention of unplanned pregnancy as well as offering women counseling about the range of choices available to them in the event of an unplanned pregnancy.
Sometimes, birth parents are not emotionally and financially ready to become parents. Planned Parenthood offers solutions that serve the best interests of all those involved.
Statistically, unplanned pregnancies result in significantly higher levels of child abuse and neglect. Conversely, adopted children enjoy far greater socio-economic advantages, along with the benefits of better education, familial support and overall growth opportunities. Women who choose to continue an unplanned pregnancy and parent the child from that pregnancy tend to experience a halt in their education and/or lesser employment while they struggle to make a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their children.
Each year, millions of individuals and couples dream of adopting a child. Our combined goal is to put as many children as possible into safe, loving homes and to allow women to benefit from the full range of options available.
Cockrum is president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Indiana; Wilkerson is Midwest branch director of Independent Adoption Center.

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Anonymous said...

How cozy...Planned Parenthood and the Adoption Center, working together..

And just in case a mother hesitates to surrender her baby they will pull out the 'stats' that 'prove" to her that her child will "suffer harm" from a less than luxurious life-style.

We all know that adopters are richer, smarter, more stable, than anyone else!!

Infertility is a great virtue....

Sure it is..