Friday, January 12, 2007


The first mother "C" writes:

"We filed suit on December 12 and the timeline at this point gives the adoptive parents until January 15 or 20 (depends on mailing times) to respond. The suit is in Santa Clara County, CA, but is currently not public record (which is good, especially at this point). I have an extremely strong case now. The adoptive parents did not file the post-adoption contact agreement with the Court when they finalized the adoption, which likely makes the adoption itself invalid (essentially, they lied to the Court about it being an open adoption). Also, they actually admitted in writing (in response to our demand letter to them before we filed suit) that they *never* planned to file it--so we have an admission of intent. I have the strong support of the adoption counselor who handled the adoption; she now believes it was intentional fraud from the very start of our interactions with the adoptive parents. I'm working to get a grant to start my own business helping companies set up parenting-in-the-workplace programs (the goal is to transition to doing that full time from my current job as a legal secretary), so if that works out it would really help the case in terms of the Court's perception of me (as well as make it easier for me to temporarily move to California with my other daughters to transition my son back home as gently as possible, if I win the case). Overall, it's looking very good (though I'm still being very careful in how we handle things)."The other is fresher still.

"H" writes:"

I am 33 years old my son, C.L., was born on August 20, 2006. He is 4 and a half months old. I am in NY but my baby is now in NJ because I was conned into signing a interstate compact form. The date of my relinquishment was November 24, 2006. The father did not relinquish his rights to my knowledge. The attorney I had representing me during the adoption process did not want me to inform the father, who is my ex boyfriend "R". She advised me not to, and said that it would make things messy and that I would regret it. I found out that I signed a paper that I had never seen before which contains a bunch of lies that there was no father, no one who acknowledged the pregnancy ect. This is all untrue. My ex boyfriend, R, knew about the pregnancy full well, we were together the entire time and he did pay for some things. He was with me on the day I gave birth and he visited his son at the Medical center Hospital in NY. Please help me, I am beyond distraught without my son here with me. I need my baby boy back, I'm willing to do whatever it takes, fight as long and hard as I have to and I'm willing to comply fully with any and all that is asked of me. Please help meA mother in desperation"I referred "H: to a NJ attorney and told her that she seemed to have a good case of fraud, however, a fight would be lengthy and very expensive.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know on what your terms are with your ex boyfriend is but you might want to get ahold of him and have a dna test ordered. When it proves that he is the father he should be able to step in and help you and your attorney because they gave falsefied paperwork. Talk to your attorney and your ex about it.