Thursday, January 04, 2007


No One is as nasty and cruel as Nancy Grace. I just read the transcripts to the show that aired yesterday. That woman is an intellectual landfill. She is filled with pure hatred for mothers and their children. Anyone that showed any support for Allison was ripped to shreds. Allison cared for his children yet her children aren't important. Her boyfriend pressured her into giving up her kids. Even went out and got his second cousins to adopt her children. Of course there was no mention of the connection between the adoption attorney, the judge and the county attorney who is an relative of the adoption attorney. The woman did not have a snowball's chance in hell. All Nancy Graced proved to me was that she is a hateful, spiteful bitch that views mothers as breeders and children as product. She supports the entitlement of adoptive parents. I don't know if I have mentioned it but it sends me into a rage. Unfortunately Allison Quets is may very well be in North Carolina. I can see if the boyfriend wanted the money returned for the in vitro fertilization. The boyfriend is the real jerk in this situation along with the Needhams. When you have someone like Nancy Grace fanning the fire supporting her legal cronies who support lying, coercing, and stealing American children from their American parents, she so obviously doesn't understand what natural parents go through. She needs to be disbarred.

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MaeDay said...

More like Nancy Grace-LESS.
Foul, shrewish woman. Can you imagine when she was a prosecutor finding any GRACE in her? Pity the nmom who ever crossed her legal paths.