Thursday, January 25, 2007


Sorry if the title is a little crude and unprofessional. Today is the one year aniversary of my first mother's refusal. Deep inside it still hurts like it was yesterday. Yes I do have my moments when I cry. I am usually alone because I don't want to upset my family in any way. Sadly it is my sister's birthday. Happy Birthday to ya sis. Just not in a real mood to party. It is sad that this day falls on your birthday. I apologize for that. I have spent my day choosing to be angry. It is the only way that I can stay sane. Her fear and her shame continue to hurt both of us not to mention our families.

I spoke with a long time friend last night. She has been doing it for eight years because her daughter refused her. Talking to her always brings me up. Today I did things that helped me fight back against the system. Missouri is getting an open records bill. It was introduced on January 22, 2007. The address for it is . It is simplistic and beautiful. Whoever wrote it had adoptee rights in mind. It stated that adoptees were equal to non-adoptees. It was all of five lines. That adoptees had total access to their original birth certificate. That a court order was no longer needed to access it. That brings up the total of five states introducing bills on open access laws. I suspect there will be a few more this year. There will no longer be the silence of the past. The first moms, the adoptees and their adoptive parents are stepping up to the plate. We just ain't taking it anymore. Its our lives that you regulate. We want a say in how you regulate them. Adoption agencies have made billions of dollars off our backs for years. They get us coming and going.

I helped an adoptee at the post office. She has all of her information. I told her that you have the right to original birth certificate.Since she has all of her information. Today I also mailed many letters to Ohio in defense of Stephanie Bennett to her school and to her school district. Tomorrow I will write the adoption agency and the Courthouse. Stephanie I am doing the best I can to fight for you and your family. Your situation is what I fear. I don't want my daughters or any other female family members or friends to go through what you have gone through. My heart and prayers are with you 100% of the way. I also have prayers coming out of Georgia for you along with maybe a state rep from Georgia as well. God Speed my girl God speed. Shortly before I heard about your story, someone told me that if someone wanted to adopt just troll the local high schools and speak with the high school counselors. I asked my own school district here in Electra about their policy. The principal that I spoke with said that most of the young girls here would not speak with the counselor because she is kind of weird. She did say that was illegal in itself.

So today I spent fighting back and educating people on adoption.

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Possum said...

Just found this blog at last Amy.
(I found your other one a while ago)
It's almost 2 years for me (in April) since I first and last heard from my mother.
It's not a complete rejection - but the waiting still hurts.
I'm sitting here beside you Amy - offering you a nice cool drink - and always ready for you to cry on my shoulder.
Big hugs coming your way.
Hugs, Chez. xx
p.s. your are an amazing voice against the current adoption practices in the US - you should be very proud.