Thursday, February 01, 2007


Just another reason why the records need to be opened. What secrets are they trying to keep? Makes you wanna HMMMMMMMMMM

Judge seals Quets' lawsuitAdoption case kept from publicAndrea Weigl, Staff WriterA Florida judge sealed a lawsuit that Allison Quets filed against the Apex couple who have custody of the twins to whom she gave birth, according to an order released Wednesday.In 2005, Quets sued Denise and Kevin Needham; their attorney, Michael Shorstein of Jacksonville, and others.But shortly after Quets was arrested in December for taking the twins, Holly and Tyler, to Canada, the Needhams' attorneys sought to have the case file sealed. They argued that because the lawsuit was related to an adoption case, which is confidential, the lawsuit also should be confidential.The News & Observer hired lawyers who argued the case file should remain open to the public.It is unclear what Quets was alleging in her lawsuit because it has been unavailable to the public. But Quets' friends say a severe illness throughout her pregnancy left her wondering whether she would survive, let alone be able to care for twin infants. She agreed to an open adoption with the Needhams but soon changed her mind, and litigation began.The Needhams dispute that account of how the adoption occurred.But Duval County Circuit Judge Peter Fryefield ruled that Florida law protects the identities of children, adoptive parents and birth parents.In his ruling, Fryefield wrote, "This court has balanced the rights and interests of the parties to this case with those of the public and the press, and determined that closing the court file in this case is necessary."The judge noted that the names of those involved in the adoption appear throughout the court records.The News & Observer is considering whether to appeal, said Managing Editor John Drescher.Jacksonville lawyer George Gabel, who represented the paper, said, "Our courts in Florida have traditionally been open. I was surprised by the judge's order."Quets, 49, faces a federal charge of international parental kidnapping for her weeklong trip to Ontario with the twins without the Needhams' permission. Last week, a federal magistrate judge ordered that Quets be detained pending trial, a ruling that she has appealed.

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