Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Recently Ann Fessler made a stop in Minneapolis, Minnesota to discuss her book. There are several articles out there but this one caught my eye. This particular part. It irritated me.

Connie Roller, an adoption services counselor at Catholic Charities, attended Fessler's talk. She said she supports Fessler's work but not all her views.
"Adoption today is different … birth parents direct the process," she said. Most adoptions today are open and have been so since the '80s, Roller said.
Before that, particularly in the time period Fessler researched, a good amount of adoptions were done in confidentiality.
"I don't have the right to go back and take (confidentiality) away (in past adoptions)," Roller said.
Parents in past decades gave up their children under the condition of anonymity, Roller said. She feels it would be unfair to change that now.
Fessler said even if documents were opened to adoptees, birth parents could be able to file a no-contact form with the state.

Why is it that adoption agencies always say that? When several states with adoptee access, when will they listen? When will they stop believing the hype that they put out? Don't they realize that they can't none of us quiet any longer? We are onto them. We know what their secrets are. One of these days its all going to collapse on them. That time is coming soon and fast.

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