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Okay I watched this show. Let's just say I am pissed. How can one agency have the hugest and longest advertisement on television? It showed two young women giving their children up for adoption. Here is some information on Gladney that members of Soul of Adoption dug up on them. I have some of my own to add as well.

Individual #1 said about Gladney and their lying ways.

The lie being that the expectant mother has control over things by picking who will raise her child.The truth is that when her child is born and she enters a contract with Gladney, Gladney has legal ownership over what happens to her child, not herShe can pick who she wants her child to go do, but Gladney can pick whomever they wantIf the paparents were aware of how unethical Gladney was and backed out, the mom would still not have any control or legal rights to her childThe legal rights to the child belongs to GladneyThat is one way that a mom going to an adoption agency can shoot herself in the foot, if the agency is unethical and doesnt really want to honor her wishes if her wishes are at conflict with what the adoption agency believes she should do

Individual #2

It sounds like Gladney would like to have the control over the relationships between first parents and their children...they are the ones who want to control that.

Individual #3

This was a quote from the social wrecker in the cases.

"I try to help them focus back on what they have evaluated, what they've been planning when they weren't so emotional," said St. John. "And, so that they can make decisions based on who can provide best for the child. … and sometimes you just need to give them some time to grieve

This is a direct quote from the Gladney literature. Individual #4 found this:

"The adoption process has become much more open in recent years. birth parents want to speak to prospective adoptive couples before finalizing their adoption. Although, in most cases, Gladney's semi-Open adoption process does not involve the exchange of identifying information (last names, street adress, etc), it does allow all parties involved to make a more informed decision. In addition, the child understands that his birth mother made the best choice possible when she selected his mom and dad to raise him". "It is becoming increasingly challenging to locate women in crisis pregnancy willing to make an adoption plan. The Gladney Center for Adoption spends thousands of dollars each month in marketing and outreach. However, as you enter the adoption journey, it is important to remember that the process will likely go much faster if you participate in networking for prospective birth mothers. Remember, Gladney will be here to screen birth mother calls and advise you on the best places to network and advertise. However, the bottom line is that the more involved you are in the recruitment of birth parents, the sooner you can experience the joys of parenthood".

Individual #5 said this in her own dealings with Gladney

Fee Schedule:
Less than $75,000
IncomeAdoption Fee - $23,90
$75,001 - $100,000
IncomeAdoption Fee - $25,900
$100,001 - $150,00
IncomeAdoption Fee - $31,900
$150,001 - $200,000
IncomeAdoption Fee - $36,900
$200,001 Plus
IncomeAdoption Fee - $39,900

Although Gladney advertises "Open Adoption", what they actually are selling is semi-open or semi-closed adoption. Choosing the Potential Adoptive Parents from a stack of profiles and meeting them once or twice is hardly "Open". What they DO support is possibly staying in contact via mail sent THROUGH THE AGENCY. They absolutely do not support full disclosure of personal information, etc. I can tell you from personal experience, they STRONGLY DISCOURAGE full openness.

See there is this other little parts that many people don't know and understand. Gladney is the founding member of the National Council for Adoption. The group that does not support rights for adoptees and their families, both adoptive and natural. President Bush, his wife Laura, and his mother are all on the board of Gladney. President Bush is dead set against adoptees and their families having those very rights. The NCFA has a credit card just special for adoption through MBNA to help you through those rough finanicial times paying for the adoption. Of course they get a kickback from MBNA. The other thing is that Gladney in the past demanded that natural mothers do not name their natural fathers in their pregnancy. Gladney also makes a huge profit off adoptees when they decide to search. Its 50 bucks to register on their registry. Last I heard it was a few hundred bucks to make contact with their families. Placement Day was the worst phrase that I have ever heard. How sickening. Only Gladney would come up with something so horrifying.

Texans its time to take back the law. Its time to make Gladney accountable for their very actions against mothers. This was a horrible horrible adverstisement for one of the worst adoption agencies in the state of Texas. My promise to those children and their mothers. I will SEE TO IT THAT YOU WILL FIND EACH OTHER. I WILL CHANGE THE LAW.

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