Saturday, July 21, 2007


I have had this on my brain. I am trying to logically put in order in my mind. I want to know how and why women's sexuality and reproductivity had to be controlled. This article by Carrie Friedman puts my feelings into words. I recently had hysterectomy. I have not made a big deal about it. Why do some women feel less if they don't have that organ? Am I less of a woman because now I don't have one? Is this what society wants me to view myself? The secret words of many women have told me that I would feel 100% better. You know what? I do. No more back aches, very few severe headaches, no more bleeding, no more cramping, and many other reasons why my quality of life has improved. Seriously does this operation make me less of a woman? I think it allows me to be the woman I want to be and what my husband wants me to be.

Where was it decided that women could not handle the automony of their own bodies? Was it doctors? Was it men? Where was it decided that poor and single women could not raise their children on their own? Why is it that its women's fault that they are where they are in their lives? How come men are not held accountable for their portion of procreation of their own children? If my own husband and many male friends hold themselves accountable, why can't the rest of men in our society? Why can't the religious right hold men accountable for their actions?

Just some tough questions that I would like men to answer.


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