Friday, July 20, 2007


A couple of things have come across my radar again. It doesn't make any sense what so ever. What a great deal of people don't understand is that the Catholic Church protects its priests. They move them place to place. There is also a limitation of when an individual can press charges against that priest.

These comments about the Catholic Church shelling out millions just irritated me. The Catholic Church blames the victims in these cases of sexual abuse. Why can't people get that? Here are the comments which can be found here and here in the Kansas paper.

I'm not condoning what the Catholic priests did. However, millions of children are molested in this country every year without receiving anything in compensation. A million plus will buy a lot of Preparation "AH"."

The large lawsuits against the Catholic Church are wrong.
I am not a Catholic, nor do I even consider myself a Christian. However, I do not see these lawsuits as an attempt to protect children, but an attempt to destroy one of the most pro-child organizations in America. It is more than an attack on the Catholic Church; it is an attack on all Christianity. Even more, by attacking our religion, the lawsuits attack the basic foundations of our nation. All of Christianity should come to the Catholic Church's defense. All America should.
Also, it should at least be questioned whether the government is violating the First Amendment by allowing its courts to be used as a tool.

The comment that brought me to their website in the first place was this one. It is just sickening. I get so tired of so many misconceptions about adoption. Why can't people understand that women just don't have babies so others can adopt them? NO ONE IS ENTITLED TO SOMEONE ELSE'S CHILD. THIS WOMAN NEEDS TO GET THAT THROUGH HER HEAD.

Adoption works
I'm an adoptive parent responding to the July 16 Opinion Line comment that women should be allowed to abort because adoptive parents might be abusive. It amazes me that in the 21st century there is still such ignorance surrounding adoption.
When a woman decides to place her child for adoption, she is given the chance to meet the prospective parents and choose whom she wishes to raise her child. The prospective parents are investigated for several months before that and are put on a very long waiting list for newborns. Couples wanting to adopt an infant understand that the birth mother is placing a precious gift in their hands, and want to honor her trust.
Couples adopting older children also undergo investigation and should be commended for wanting children with difficult pasts.
The public needs to become more educated on the adoption process and adoption itself.
I'm not sure that fear of adoption is a reason to abort life.

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MOL_Am_Ris said...

Oh, yeah, adoptive parents are "investigated" for MONTHS! Months!

How much money do you make? How many rooms in your house? Are you nice?

Naturally, adoptive parents are abnormally wonderful people. They are special and unlike the rest of the world, where 85% of people have grown up in a dysfunctional household.

Adoptive parents are completely unlike the rest of the world, and adoptees are always happy and are never abused.

As an adoptee, that makes me laugh. As an (at least) halfway intelligent person, it still makes me laugh. Adoptive parents are so different from the rest of the world? Give me a break. Any group that claims they are all angels and are perfect in comparison to the rest of the world has serious problems that they're trying to hide.

The "investigations" that adoptive parents get are a joke, and have little to nothing to do with their mental health and a lot to do with their physical ability to "provide" for a child.

As for Christians claiming that everything is just an unjust attack on them, and the whole world is out to get them ONLY because they are Christians and not because some of them do wrong things... nothing new there.