Monday, July 23, 2007


This story came over the news yesterday. Jamie Keifer was contesting the adoption of her child. There are not too many details on this case. What we do know is that she resorted to violence in order to get her baby back. I know many mothers sympathize with her. I know that I do. Violence is not the way to go. This will cost probably cost her in the long run. I can hope that this media spotlight on adoption will force some issues with the industryWhat many people don't realize is that there is coercion in adoption. That adoption is built on lies and deceipt on the part of adoption agencies. Many courts support the adoption agencies and their representatives. I watched Fox News with Geraldo last night. I don't take him too seriously. Last night he flamed me just like probably many others involved in adoption reform. He actually called the natural mother a "baby seller." What he doesn't realize is that women don't sell their babies. Its adoption agencies who profit off this. Its the adoptive parents who don't consider the feelings and emotions of the very parent that is giving them that child. Granted I will wait to see what follows. Hopefully we will hear more about this case. Hopefully it would not be shoved under the rug. Maybe the FBI will start checking into this a little more. Hopefully their curiosity will get peaked about this situation. Interestingly enough, Cold Case replayed its episode about maternity homes of the past.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that is a flame. Not like firstmoms get rich or anything...afterall, isn't poverty something the courts/attorneys/agencies count on when trying to avoid litigation? Isn't that why Allison Quets, and her resources, is such an unusual case?

Suzanne M. said...

Just me, Amy.