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August 29, 2007

OriginsUSA, a growing national organization, has undergone major exciting changes. Newly reorganized, and independent of affiliation with any other organization, OriginsUSA works for natural family preservation, justice, education, and support for people separated by adoption.August elections established the new slate of officers:
Bernadette Wright, President;
Sandy Young, Vice President;
Kathy Aderhold, Treasurer; and
Mary Garvens, Secretary.
The Board of Directors are: Jeanne Gartland, Claudia Corrigan D'Arcy, Donna Stevanov.

OriginsUSA is the preeminent voice for mothers of all ages who have lost children to adoption. OriginsUSA supports all people who are separated by adoption in an open, inclusive, and democratic atmosphere.
OriginsUSA incorporated in the state of Virginia on February 2, 2007.

Tax exempt status, as a 501c(3), is pending.

The organization is invigorated with a new commitment to uphold its mission of justice, education, and support for all mothers who have lost children to adoption. OriginsUSA has local support groups in Maryland, Texas, and Virginia. Groups in Georgia, Louisiana, New York and Wisconsin will be active in the near future.

Committee involvement affords members an opportunity to share their expertise and enthusiasm, while healing through empowerment.
Current committee chairs are:
Finance/Fundraising, Kathy Aderhold;
Legislation, Karen Kottmeier;
Infrastructure, Jane Edwards;
Membership, Mirah Riben and Mary Garvens;
Newsletter, Sandy Young;
PR, Mirah Riben and Jeanne Gartland; and
Website, Claudia Corrigan D'Arcy.
OriginsUSA's new website at: documents the organization's goals and past accomplishments, such as:

* OriginsUSA orchestrated a "blogger blitz" to build public support for Stephanie Bennett, a young mother attempting to regain custody of her daughter after being coerced into relinquishment. One hundred and forty bloggers participated the first day and a second blogger blitz is underway for Ms. Bennett.

* OriginsUSA has built a growing database of attorneys, to provide referrals for parents, coerced into surrendering their children, who are seeking legal redress.

* Results of Dr. Bernadette Wright's, Mothers' Voices, Surrender Experiences and Long-Term Effects, a study of 214 mothers surrendering their children between 1956 and 2003, was recently released. This study is available at the website, or upon request.OriginsUSA's membership is increasing on a daily basis.

Membership is $20 a year and open to all who support OriginsUSA's mission of family preservation. Membership includes newsletter and access to online forum. Scholarships are available as needed.

Karen Wilson Buterbaugh tendered her resignation as President and board member on June 24, 2007. She is continuing her research to obtain an inquiry into past adoption practices. Affiliation with all other Origins' was terminated in August, 2007. Contact: For further information contact or Mirah Riben, PR Chair, OriginsUSA,

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