Sunday, August 05, 2007


The adoption reform movement in North Carolina settled for a Confidential Intermediary law. Shame on them. What they don't know and understand is that this will hurt them in the long run. At least TXCare came up with something better. I hope the next Texas legislative year that they do better. In that regards, I will help them in one arena. I will do everything in my power to discredit Gladney and their intentions. I think this time TXCare has learned their lesson from Maine, the comeback kids. I have a feeling that they just might come back stronger.

Confidential intermediary laws are based on the reunion and medical history of the adoptee. What these folks don't realize is that these are not rights. They are not based on the adoptee's right to access their original birth certificate. Access to the OBC is a basic human right. In New Hampshire, Oregon, Maine, Alaska, Alabama, and Kansas, all adoptees have access to the records that accurately record our birth. In Tennessee and Delaware, 98% of adoptees have access to their records because of contact and disclosure vetos. This is the kind of law that Texas would have had if Gladney Adoption Center had not intervened.

Now North Carolina has this type of law. Twenty five years ago this kind of law would have been progressive. It is not progressive now. It puts adoptees in other states behind the power curve. All the strides that other states have made in changing things including Texas will now look to North Carolina. Maine's victory will go site unseen. According to this one person, there is now an legislative study commission on how other states with adoptee access have fared. She is supposedly working with adoption agencies on this issue. Are you seeing the same warning signs that I see? Flashing red lights ahead.

Psst come here let me tell you a secret. Something that I don't think they realize. That means you won't be able to come back to fight another day. That means that they just kicked you to the curb to wait until this study comes out if it every does.

Here they are claiming victory. Its not one. Its a serious step backwards. How can you give the rights of adoptees and their families over to the agencies? They will charge hefty fees. Colorado charges $1,000 bucks. Indiana charges $500.00 bucks through the court system. The agency themselves charge $400.00 or more. There is also no integrity in the CI system. The CIs themselves decide how the conversation will go. They report to no one. Oklahoma charges $500.00. A friend tried to get her records from them. She still had to sign up on the registry which is $20.00. She has to be on it six months and receive counseling (of course she is an ungrateful bastard ~ oh for shame). She already knows that her natural mother is deceased. She is trying to get her records to find her natural father. She had been in reunion for years and years. She still has to go through this process. The loyalty of the CI is to their agency. They will do everything to cover the tactics used back then and today. If they have their own agenda, they will go through with it. If your CI is a natural parent, they will see to that side of the issue. If your CI is an adoptive parent and an agency crone, they will cover their own buttocks. If your CI is an adoptee and an agency crone, they will cover their own bootie. You the paying person are not protected. It all depends. If you really think that there is no corruption in adoption, drink the koolaid. If you think adoption is filled with corruption, guess what your group just got its proverbial butt in a sling and they don't care about you.


Anonymous said...

CI = confounding interlopers

Anonymous said...

Concealing Identity

Confusing Ideals

Completely Idiotic