Thursday, August 02, 2007


I was checking my emails and such like I do every evening after I get off work. My daughters were initially being taken care by Candie. She was ideal for us. I never had to fear for my kids. I knew that they were always safe with her. Her daycare was caddy corner from the school that my girls go to. She loved my daughters like they were her own. I think she was that way with all of her "children." Well she had to move to Vernon recently. So now I keep in touch with her via email and myspace. The town of Electra was rocked hard on Sunday.

One of the many children she cared for was Robbie. Robbie and his family were at a local lake. Somehow some way he wandered off from the gathering. They found him later. The story is here. My girls played with this little boy. When I first read her myspace, I thought the worst. I hope the Spanish angels of cowboy folklore came to get him. Please my gentle readers make time to say a prayer for this little boy because he has gone home to play and love in the hands of God.

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