Thursday, September 20, 2007


This story has been on everyone's mind the last few days. It was my understanding that privacy would be the last excuse to overturn this law. Its a shame that a judge would actually listen to three adoptees and the one natural mom who were opposed to this law.

Then I read a story about a young girl in Bowie Texas giving birth and throwing a baby in a trash bag. Did the safe haven laws protect her? No!!! What our society fails to get is that we are still treating women and young girls horribly. We are failing them miserably. We are continuing to shame them into hiding their pregnancies. They're families are the ones to blame for these situations. When a young girl does this to a child, I have to wonder what her family and friends have said to her to make her take these actions. The safe haven laws sure as hell didn't work in this case.

Another story is circulating out of Haltom City, Texas. This mother burned her three daughters in a closet. The girls were reported as asking"why Mommy did you hurt us?" Its not being reported that Texas has the highest rate of mothers hurting their children. This kind of attitude is hurting other mothers who are properly raising their children. It won't be long before Texas mothers will be required to be mental health tested in order to continue having children. When are we going to look at our society and make changes? When are we truly going to be about families, true family preservation?

Now I know everyone by now has heard about the Australian lesbian mother who only wanted one child not twins. All I can think is that we have flipping lost our minds. What is this truly about? We go from one extreme in this world to another.

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Aurelia said...

Thanks for linking to this story. I am positively distraught over it.

This is a horrendous nightmare.