Sunday, September 09, 2007


I just don't know what to say. These folks, here, here and here, say it real good for me. I am just stunned that Massachusetts adoptees suffered such a blow. I really love the so called privacy and respect bullshit. Don't these folks realize that although the mothers from the baby scoop era speak out, the mothers from the 34 years that they shut down are some of our most vocal. They ain't shutting up.

What I don't get is that since adoptees have had access to their records in Oregon, adoption has gone up and abortions have gone down. Mind you, those two issues are not even remotely related. What these folks don't get, in the five states before Maine, had a 99% rate of mothers wanting contact.

ABC is the group that sponsored this bill. It was enough to make me puke. How can you sell out adoptees? If Maine can do it, then why couldn't you? Maine are the comeback kids. They pulled their bill all the while being irritated at us. They came back and got what they wanted. A good clean adoptee access bill. I hope other states have learned. I hope to God that Texas has learned their lesson. There is absolutely no reason why Texas and many others can take the hint from Maine. Shame on ABC for doing this to Massachusetts' adoptees. You sold the adoptees down the river. Do you really think you can come back? It will take you forever to do it now. Just look at Indiana. It will be people like me that have to come back and clean up your mess.

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Yeah. What you said. :-(