Monday, September 03, 2007


In the adoption underworld that I roam in, this subject is a very hot and scary topic. Many of us believe and hope that this will never happen here in the United States. I do think that we are heading that direction with the Mental Health Initiative targeting women of childbearing age. It is a way of taking children from single mothers. If a woman is deemed incompetent, her child should not be raised in that "environment." She won't have a way of fighting back. It is also a way for the NCFA to profit greatly at the expensive harm to her and her child.

As I have just begun to research what is going in the UK, I discovered this link. It sounds uncannily like motivation for profit. According to this article, fostering and adoption through this agency rings up to the tune of twenty million pounds. That is a great deal of money. If this group is associated with the UK social services department, there is your motivation as to why this is happening. Its about money. Its not about families nor their children. Just who is this pediatrician who has more weight that Fran Holton's own psychiatrists? How much of a commission is this man getting?

Recently there was a youtube video circling the web with one woman recording what exactly these people were saying to her about placing her child into "care." It was removed because it revealed that they were removing the child even though there is no immediate threat of harm to the child. The Calderdale Council had it removed because it revealed confidential information under their gag order with data protection act.

If you think this won't happen here, its already begun. Every woman in the state of Illinois is now being tested for mental illness. How many states have quietly begun this practice?


Anonymous said...

What kind of testing? I advocate for medical evaluations for all postpartum women in order to provide treatment for PostPartum Mood Disorders...treatment, not removal of children. Who is doing the testing in IL? It should be required of ob/gyns to protect patient health (since so many choose to ignore treatable ppd issues), but others (like government officials, adoption workers, etc.) have no role in this, or shouldn't. This is and should absolutely be a HIPPA protected form of health protection.

Ugh on people using health issues to destroy people and families.


Anonymous said...

amy, thank you for posting this.

There is already precedent in the USA for removal of children due to "mental illness' in the mother.

During the baby scoop era, unmarried mothers were deemed "unfit" due to the diagnosis of "emotional instability".The evidence of their emotional "illness" was the fact that they had had sex as an umarried woman and had become pregnant.

Solinger's book, "Wake Up Little Suzie" talks about this government intrusion into the lives of unmarried mothers....and how the 'social scientists" justified the practice of stealing children based on the 'evidence" of mental instability.

The child was the 'evidence"...and the unmarried status of the mother. but, the father of course, escaped such diagnosis..he was just 'sowing wild oats."

Interestingly, the 'cure" for this 'illness" was the surrender and adoption of the child. Mothers were even encouraged to assume a false name during pregnancy, so as to 'cast off" the 'sick identity" after the birth.This is what was done to me.

After the surrender, mothers were expected to go on as if nothing had happened to them or their children.

We have now come full circle, at least in Illinois...a new BSE is coming.

Anonymous said...

If you're affected by UK Government Policy, here's a link to stop UK "forced adoption".

"Forced Adoption - UK Selling children"