Sunday, October 28, 2007


I have been updating my blog all day today. I have added a feminism group. These are women who get what those living adoption must deal with. I added a research link as well. Many of these articles are courtesy of The Lizard Chronicles. I am always amazed by her research. I will add more as more comes out. Time permitting of course. I have added a ton more adoptees, natural parents, and adoptive parents. I am betting that I forgot someone somewhere. Please leave your blog address. I will add it to the LONG list of links. We must get our stories out there. We must let the legislators in this country know that we want changes in adoption.

I read this on Writing My Wrongs. This is what we all must be aware of. There are way too many unscrupulous agencies and attorneys. This came from an attorney at the Ethics conference recently.

A list of things she suggests PAPs consider prior to placement:

Obtain a criminal background check on expectant mother or father. Purpose is to find out if the parent might be in jail or prison at the time of the planned consent.

Conduct a financial background check and obtain credit reports on expectant parents. Check for bankruptcy filings – prior to placement.

Obtain prenatal care records and speak with the obstetric attending physician (she cites the need for a HIPAA release, how knowledgeable of her!)

Present the expectant parents with detailed questionnaires and tell them that they must be signed under oath and carry a penalty of perjury.

Test the fetus, in utero, prior to placement, for drug or birth defects.

The list goes on.

The other issues are now adoptive parents in contested adoptions are forcing natural parents to pay child support. Some of these parents did not consent to these adoptions. The other issue is that adoption agencies do have a very powerful network. If they can't pursue the adoption in that state because someone is contesting the adoption, they move the natural parent to another state. It is damn near impossible to keep up with state laws. These agencies are also violating the ICPC regulations concerning adoption. In Shawn McDonald's case, they pretended that they didn't know where he was at. He was listed on Texas Putative Father registry. He made his intentions very well known. This happened to Cody O'Dea as well. In Joseph and Brynden's case, the natural mothers went to three different states. They ended up in one agency and one state. Adoption Center of Choice. It doesn't sound like any choice to me.

Agencies and the American Justice System does everything it can to drag out the fight that natural parents are trying to stop. The rest of society ends up feeling sorry for the adoptive parents. Its the agencies that promote this kind of tactic. There is no honesty or accountability with these organizations. It got so bad that this particular agency has been banned from advertising in Illinois.

Write the legislators in your state and tell them that you want accountability in your state regarding adoption laws.


Mary said...

I saw that list of things and gagged. There should never ever be any prebirth adoption arrangement. Its just wrong wrong wrong.

Amyadoptee said...

I agree Mary.

Kimmie, please don't comment here. If you are not willing to discuss the negatives of adoption, then I don't need you here. This blog is about the politics of adoption. This blog is about the heritage of your children. Its about my fight to see to it that they have access to it. The blog documents fallacy in the argument of the NCFA, adoption agencies, and other closed records supporters. My hope is to enlighten folks like you about the corruption, lies, and coercion in adoption.

I already have Jesus on my side. He guides in my battle along with the many others. We don't want your emails. We don't want your comments unless you are willing to hear all of us living adoption.