Monday, October 15, 2007


I published his story about a year ago. Since I didn't find anymore information out about his story, I honestly assumed that the case had been resolved. Thanks to Cody O'Dea and his family, I would not have ever found out the truth. Sadly he is still fighting this case. Here is a current update.

When the story first broke, it was basically about this young man fighting for his son. This was around the Rashad Head time frame. About a year ago this time. There have been some updates. First the adoption agency, LDS Social Services, was slapped with just a mere fine for violations by the Texas Department of Child Protective Services. The social wrecker, Eric Larson, was put on probation for his crime in this whole mess. He still hasn't served a bit of his punishment. I hear he is still fighting it. I also hear that the Hess's, the socalled adoptive parents, are also suing Shawn for child support. They are also applying pressure for him to relinquish his parental rights. Shawn was also registered in the state of Texas for the Putative Father registry. Somehow someway they violated the ICPC and had the child transported into Idaho. Thereby violating Shawn's parental rights completely. Putative father registries do not give fathers legal rights. They strip fathers of their rights. This young man found out two days before she gave birth. He followed the law to the very letter. Somehow he still does not have custody of his son, Hunter.

Explain to me why the mother kept her daughter but didn't keep their son. Explain to me why she and agency both conspired to violate this young of his rights. They actually put on the ICPC records that his location was unknown when they knew exactly where he was and that he was listed on the Texas putative father registry. Explain to me why the judge awarded Shawn and his attorney $100,000 but still won't return their child. I also understand that the Hess's are relatives of the natural mothers. It is also my understanding that the LDS Church is also being held accountable in this mess. It is about time, but it doesn't go far enough. They must learn to comply with laws in all states. They must learn to accept that there are fathers out there that want their children. All you have to do is look here, here, here, and here.

Maybe the NCFA should take a queue from this. Boot these types of agencies out of their association. If the NCFA is for ethical adoptions, why do they allow LDS continue to be in their membership?

How can the Hess' look at themselves in the morning? You stole a man's child from him.


Anonymous said...

Deeply deeply disturbing. He got money and "won" but still isn't parenting? How is that right. Bet anything he'd give that money back along with a limb if Hunter were returned to him.

Anonymous said...

can someone explain to me how they can sue this man for child support? also, why hasn't the social wrecker served any of his "time"? finally if this man was awarded 100k, was it received? if so, when? Surely they will use it up for him in this ridiculous legal battle. ONLY IN ADOPTION, GEEZE.

Amy, thanks again for enlightening the public, you are always so very thorough too!!!

Anonymous said...

This story is a story. Not the facts. I hope that anyone who does get on this blog does their own homework and finds out the truth.

Amyadoptee said...

The truth is well documented in court documents and depositions. Why did you continue the adoption when the hospital knew that Shawn was fighting the adoption of his son? Explain to me why the Church and LDS Family Services both settled a lawsuit admitting their own guilt in this situation. Oh I don't know the truth. Oh YES I do know the truth. Maybe you should open your eyes. The courts will eventually find in his favor. The courts have already given him a very liberal visitation schedule. Why because they know that this guardianship will be vacated.

Anonymous said...

If you want the truth just leave a note here and your e-mail and I would be glad to show you what happen. How this couple had a room at the hospital and the social worker from the hospital told them about the father and their oun social worker writing in her notes where 1 social worker from their adoption agency wouldn't do the adoption so they just had to find another one. All these people will have to com to grip with all the lies that they have told. Shame on the for hurting a little boy.