Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Did anyone listen to NPR radio yesterday? I did. I liked it. Adam Pertman held his own against Tom Atwood. The thing that I didn't like is that they didn't ask any adoptees to be on the show. Marley Greiner wasn't on the show. She should have been as the executive chair of Bastard Nation. Ron Morgan nor Kali Coultas were not on the show as representatives of the Adoptee Rights Organization. All three would have been good examples of adoptees. Sandy Young, Bernadette Wright, Mirah Ruben, Mary Anne Cohen and others would have been good examples of natural parents on the show. Adam Pertman was a good example of majority adoptive parents today. So that part was good.

Sadly the direction of the show was about reunion and medical records. Its even in the comments portion of the show. What the average Joe Public doesn't understand is that is a civil rights issue. Point blank. The state is holding my OBC under illegal search and seizure which is against Federal law and the Constitution. You just have to look at the fourth amendment to understand that one.

As someone who is denied access to her original birth certificate on the basis of her birth, I honestly can't tell you what I would do if I had that document in my hands. I couldn't tell you if I would make contact. Still no matter what, it is my right.

As an adoptee who has an incomplete amended birth certificate, I would not be allowed to get a passport. I am now a prisoner of my own country on the premise of my birth. A friend of mine, Michelle Edmunds, mentioned something that I found interesting correct and a good counter point. I quote from her.

"If adoption in itself holds potential to create citizens who are presumed to cause harm, then the government should explain why it has an adoption system! "

One natural mother, Susie, called in and said that she got pregnant because her father raped her. So her child is the product of incest. UHMMMM excuse me, that is something that your daughter should friggin know. She might have children that have issues that could be traced back to that. I know that I would want to know. In fact there is a hint of that in my adoption records. My biggest fear is that I have passed something onto my children that could have been prevented.

Something that my own adoptive mother has taught me is that honesty is always the best policy. Natural parents and adoptees need to get that this is about human lives. The choice to reunion, relationship and medical information are just that, choices. The right to the OBC is an civil right that is denied to all living adoption. It is our right to privacy that these fools like the NCFA continually violate.


Anonymous said...

Is it true that adoptees cant get passports? At all?

2B True

Amyadoptee said...

If your amended birth certificate is incomplete like mine, you would definitely be grilled. My amended birth certificate does not have a full date of file for the OBC. Then you have to come with proof that you are an American citizen. Right now my adoptive mother and I are trying to get the adoption paperwork now. Just in case I have to prove that I am an American citizen. The agency didn't give her a copy of it either.

Third Mom said...

Amy, I'm listening to the replay right now, and I agree, Adam held his own. I wonder how much NPR tried to balance the responses - in other words, did they try to make sure they had an equal number of mothers and adoptees for and against? I wonder what the responses really looked like.

Anonymous said...

I finally listened to the show this afternoon. Pertman did hold his own against Atwood, but you're right, the main voices who need to be heard on this weren't -- adult adoptees.

Anonymous said...

We all have the right to the truth about ourselves. While my truth is different from yours, it is still both our rights to know. Amy, should not have these questions and deserve a citizen and as a human being. I am sorry that ignorance rules and hides the truth.

Love you.

Anonymous said...

"If adoption in itself holds potential to create citizens who are presumed to cause harm, then the government should explain why it has an adoption system! " Michelle Edmunds

Great point Michelle... thanks for posting this Amy.