Thursday, November 29, 2007


One of my fellow adoptees, a friend, telling her story.


Amyadoptee said...

Thank you, Anonymous, I find it interesting that you hide behind no name.
Actually I think she is very very brave for one so young. I also think she is very intelligent. For one so young she has also learned very quick.

She is by the way very happy and very well adjusted. So you can attempt to take over this blog and bring your happy stuff here but it won't happen. I won't let you hurt a beautiful young woman.

Anonymous said...

I wish her well.I hope she does find her nmother.

Vaya con dios.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Please tell your friend how much she touched my heart. She is brave to have put feelings out there, and because she has learned so much about adoption issues -- both the impacts of being adopted and natural mom issues -- she is way ahead of the game. I hope she finds her mother, and if she does, I believe she will have a good reunion. Tell her to never give up. We mothers were so stigmatized, we sometimes don't search or even register. That doesn't mean that we forgot our babies or don't care. We do. I hope her mom appreciates the beautiful, intelligent, caring daughter she gave birth to.