Sunday, December 16, 2007


I just love those. I double checked your IP. I know who you are. HEHEHE. Do you think that you can frighten me? Folks this is the comment left on the American Center of Choice post.

Amy, Amy, will be out there guiding them all back to their families. Some of the adoptees may applaud you for dong that...but others may hate you forever for "helping" them to find the "families" that they were born to that not only did not want them or only wanted them back so that they could keep control of what was theirs. Their property...their child or grandchild to abuse and to neglect...just because they couldn't deal with the fact that "their" child would have a much better life with families that loved them for who they are. Families who chose to love them because they wanted to love them..not because they had to love them or had to take care of them because of whom they were born to. Think carefully of how many lives you are willing to screw up just to get revenge for something you did to yourself, at one time.

Do you think that I am a mother of loss? Oh Lord, no I am not one. I would never do to a man what you have done to Cody, Joshua, Shawn, or Bryn. I am your baby fourty two years down the road. Angry and highly pissed off because I was denied my heritage and my parents. You see my natural father wanted me too. You see father's rights are a pet peeve of mine. If you wanted to keep it so honest, why did you jump states? Why did you choose an unscrupulous agency? Shame Shame Shame. I know the truth in this situation. I will help these young men until my dying breath. Then I will fight from up in Heaven. My Lord God put me on this earth to fight the unethical practices of adoption. Now this comment is forever set in stone. Maybe the judge in this young men's cases will see this comment. Maybe he will look into the links. I have done it before and I can do it again. Don't come knocking on my door. I tend to get rabid and bite.


Suz Bednarz said...

gosh. who is this disturbed person leaving all these rude comments on adoptee blogs? yikes. sorry you got a drive.

Ungrateful Little Bastard said...

What an odd individual.

Gershom Kaligawa said...

guiding us all back to our families?

this poor adopter. Shes facing alot of entitlement and insecurity from becoming a parent through adoption that shes not seeing the BIG PICTURE.

Its not about who loves who more, its about doing whats RIGHT for children.

I don't know anyone who would advocate for a child to be left in an abusive home. If a child needs to be removed, they should still be respected, have their rights honored, be treated equally to all other human beings and given a chance to be raised by their father if he wants to. They shouldn't be discriminated against, have their records sealed and be in a push pull tug of war between their adoptive / first families. They should be treated, as a human being, we're NOT possessions!! I repeat I AM NOT A COMMODITY.

Amy isn't screwing up anyones life. Adoptive parents who are trying to KIDNAP a child whos parent WANTs to raise him/her and are capable of doing so....ARE SCREWING UP OTHERS LIVES.

post with your name next time if you're so sure of yourself. I'm sure amy already has your ip addy, so you're not so secret either way.