Friday, December 28, 2007


This last week has been a wild ride. Seeing my mother on a respirator was not a trip that I ever wanted to revisit. My father was on a respirator and it brought back some really hard core memories. Just like it took me a moment to go in and see him. It was the same for my mother. My mother is fine. Some adjustments to her diet and lifestyle will need to be made. She realizes this. She is doing fine. Of which, I am extremely grateful. I am just not ready to be an orphan again. This would make it a third time in my life.

My youngest sister, K, really gets me. She sent me a box of yarn and knitting needles. I was thrilled with the gift. Its gonna take me a while to learn knitting. I usually do crochet and swedish weaving. I am looking forward to learning a new skill.

I know many adoptive parents who are not as enlightened as my mother think I probably hate all adoptive parents. I don't. I most definitely don't hate my own adoptive mother. I love her more than anything. If anything, she should be the example they should follow. My mother encouraged my differences. She encouraged me to search and find. If anything, it has taught me to love her more. It has also taught me to protect my daughters, my nieces and nephews from the greedy grasp of adoption agencies. She is just as much a mother to me as my natural mother. If a parent can have more than one child, then an adoptee can do the same with his/her parents, all of them.


Gershom Kaligawa said...

i'm so happy you're back and your mom is doing okay. You mom sounds like an incredible woman, shes got a whole family over here routing for her.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your mom is doing OK. How very scary. Prayers for her continuing recovery.