Monday, January 28, 2008


News is flying left and right off the shelves about adoption and adoptees. We adoptees in Canada are not shutting up any longer. In recent stories out of Canada, adoptees are in agreement with a woman who is suing the hospital, the agency and her adoptive parents because she says that her adoption was illegal. It is most definitely making the adoption forums in the United States. Most adoptees know that this has happened to our natural mothers. I KNOW it happened to my mother and father.

Another story coming out of Florida is that their state registry is not being run properly. Adoptees are requesting their non identifying information. Information that they are ENTITLED to. They are being denied this information because the Department in Vital Statistics doesn't have the proper funds and staff to get this information in order. So adoptees and their natural families are not being reunited because of neglect. The NCFA says that these things work. Uhm NO THEY DON'T. The NCFA probably makes sure that they don't work by seeing to it that the finances are not there to make it work. Many adoptees in other states are probably wondering the same thing. Lord knows we all get treated badly by those staff members in the Offices of Vital Statistics. I have been treated badly by the Indiana Department of Vital Statistics. I have heard from many adoptees out of Indiana that say the same thing.

Then you come across another adoptee whose information is totally false. A Colorado adoptee recently wrote some members of Bastard Nation. She paid a good thousand buckeroos to have a Confidential Intermediary make contact with her natural family. The CI thinks all of her information in her file is false. So where does this adoptee go? How many adoptees, natural parents suffer at the hands of the unscrupulous agencies? When does it stop? When do we hold these folks accountable for their actions? Its time for American Adoptees to stand up and demand an end of this kind of bull crap. If a lawsuit in the United States were to occur, I would want to be added to it. I am tired of all of us being treated like crap.

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