Saturday, January 19, 2008


On Thursday evening, my small town community lost a young woman. It is a loss felt even within my own family. Her name is Jaci Payton. As the Wichita Falls newspaper beautifully describes this young, she was a truly loving and giving young woman. My daughters knew her. Our babysitter would let Jaci watch the kids while she went to the local grocery store. My oldest probably knew her the best. It is always difficult to explain death to a child. For Dakota, it really hit it home the hardest. There was a time that she braided both of my daughters' hair. She loved my daughters and they loved her. I think even a time or two she helped my daughter with her basketball skills. Dakota asked why would God take her. I told her that God needed her. Maybe it was to watch over the children. I also mentioned that she became a guardian angel for those that loved her as she did.

Jaci, here are in Electra you are loved and missed. You are in our prayers. I hope the basketball courts in Heaven are ready for you. I know the children in Heaven will love you as my children do. Just look down once in a while and give us the ray of sunshine that your smile was for our community.

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Anonymous said...

I read the article about the young woman. It sounds like she had a wonderful spirit. So sorry for your loss.