Thursday, January 10, 2008


Today I received this email from this woman. Her name is Mershona Parshall. As she states in this email. She is a social worker. The post that brought on the comment was this one. I did not write anything about this woman. In a court of law, the comment itself was a comment of a comment. In other words, its heresay.

I am writing in response to false and inflammatory statements made about me on the internet. All statements made about me regarding any connection to the most unfortunate Gravelle ("The Caged Kids") criminal case are false and subject to libel laws. Another social worker was investigated, charged and convicted. Contrary to what has been stated about me on the internet, I was not part of the criminal case, and I was not charged. Again, I had NO connection to the Gravelle court case, thus, those individuals who have made such false and malicious statements about me are committing libel.
Second, all allegations made against me by individuals suggesting that I engaged in fraudulent insurance billing, over billing, incorrect billing, having no 1099’s, are also false and also subject to libel laws. Moreover, internet users who have made statements about my character, professional practice and integrity are also acting maliciously, spreading false information, and engaging in defamatory conduct.
I did not want to enter into this arena but it is my intention to take legal action against those individuals who have defamed me. Those persons who have made these defamatory statements against me could have easily verified that I was not a part of the Gravelle criminal case.
a) That each moderator remove every false reference about me from this site.
b) That each person/blogger who has posted information about me do some simple checking, verify that the information is false, post on this and any other web site where they have written about me, a specific retraction and an apology.
That the moderators of this web site contact me with the true identity of those bloggers on this web site who have defamed me.
It has been my extreme privilege to work with remarkable children and families over many years. As a social worker, artist, art therapist, and advocate for a healthier environment, my focus will continue to be for growth and healing.
Mershona Parshall, LISW, ATR-BC

My response to this woman is this.

Dear Mershona,

When I saw this I started laughing. You do realize that you don't scare me at all. I will not give you any information concerning other blogs, forums, and others who have commented on you. After reviewing my blog, I personally have not written about you. I checked both my blog and checked you out further. There is a comment with your name in it. How I found that is after googling your name. Six pages of googling. You have to really search my blog to even find it. It is a comment of a comment. It is not even remotely derogatory towards you. I will contact the commenter and let her know but I won't remove it. Please go harass and threaten someone else. Your tactics will not work with me. It is impossible to remove every comment about you from the internet. You might want to associate with others who are not so corrupt. You know what the old wives tales right? Lie down with dogs and you get fleas. Please refrain from ever contacting me again. If you do I will write something about you. I will also have legal representation that will have verified the stories. You will have to prove then that its libel. It will be very very tough to do.

Amy K. Burt

Here is her response.

Ms. Burt, I am forwarding the blog on your web site and your response to my lawyer.

Mr. Dempsey, Below is a blog I recently found making incorrect reference to my knowledge of the Gravelle case. Following that is the response of Ms. Amy Burt, to my request for her to remove libelous statements from her web site. This defamatory comment is on The individual "lisa" who made this comment has a blog called www.sunshinegirlonarainyday/ . Lisa had been informed of the libel and posted corrections on her blog. Ms. Burt's to my request is below. Please advise.
Mershona ParshallA concerned supporter...
10:12 AM
Lisa said...
Amy,I'd like to ask your insights about some queries I've been getting about reactive attachment therapy.I recently posted on my blog about the Gravelles, and how they mistreated the 11 special needs children whom they had adopted, even to the point of forcing some of them to sleep in cages.I had written a letter to the Toledo Blade about it, stating:I am concerned by the Gravelle’s defense attorney’s attempts to pathologize the children in order to shift blame away from the Gravelles. Whether or not children were harmed by prenatal experiences does not excuse placing those children in an unsafe environment.The Gravelles were unequipped to keep the eleven children in their care from danger than caging them. They should never have been entrusted with that many children – particularly special needs children.Social worker Elaine Thompson used poor judgment. When she contacted by the Gravelles in 2000, she did not recognize their cry for help.As a former foster child and current child advocate, I state here and now that foster children are like any other children. We want to be in an environment that is safe and nurturing. To have caregivers who are attentive to our individual needs.If you had a child with Down syndrome, would you push her head into a toilet or put a sock into her mouth? If you adopted a child who had trouble emotionally bonding to you, would you lock him into a cage?How can a child learn trust from violence, or learn to bond through solitary confinement? Moreover, foster children are not cattle, to be herded into any placement that is available. There is a disturbing trend to place children into any bed available, regardless of developmental needs or safety. Not only were the children unsafe with the Gravelles, by all accounts they were unsafe with one another.-----Original Message-----Well, one of my readers contacted me and mentioned that the therapists, Mershona Parshall and Elaine Thompson, knew about the cages but didn't say anything because they didn't want to risk the thousands of dollars they were receiving for 'therapy' for these children.He believes that reactive attachment therapists have found a loophole in the funding.He pointed out that therapists like Mershona Parshall receive $120 per hour, and 90% of her clients are from the county.Amy, do you know anything about the type of therapy that adopted children receive and the funding that is provided for it?Thank you so much for your time,Lisa

My final response to her. I hope that I don't ever hear from her again. I did tell her that if she continued that I would pursue legal action myself and that I would report everything on my blog.

Go right ahead. I have already spoken with my attorney concerning this. This will be your last email to me. This is now considered harassment and stalking. I will press charges against you.

Amy K. Burt

Now this woman has done this to countless bloggers across the internet. Here is a list
of a few of them.

This woman deals in the rebirthing process when it comes to adopted children with RAD. This is very contraversial treatment for RAD. I am not even sure that it is considered a real treatment for adoptees with RAD.

To be honest I am not even concerned with this woman except that she threatened me. I don't take lightly to threats especially ones that have no foundation. It is not I who has chosen to associate with a corrupt agency and corrupt social workers. It is my understanding that the agency associated with the Gravell case is A Child's Waiting who we all know about. They are the ones who went to an Ohio High School and abducted a young woman's child. They are the ones now associated with this Ranch. A Child's Waiting scams adoptive parents. They don't return the money to the adoptive parents. They then put them up for adoption again to turn a profit. They are the original returned adoptee agency. Many other adoptees have written about them. Here. Here. Here. I am sure there is more but I don't have the time to research everything right now. I am in the process of cooking dinner.


Tina with much2say said...

Hiya, well I couldnt help myself I had to google 'complaints about whatever her name is' and it reads like a comic book. She must have got a bulk discount at the printers because she has been sending the same letter word for word out to people for well over a year. Or then again with payments like this
she could well have bought an ink factory.
You should ban her from your blog for stalking haha.
tina x

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha, good one, Amy.

If this woman is concerned about internet comments on blogs, then it's a good thing she's not a is REALLY harsh. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love it Amy
The comment If you lie down with Dogs you get fleas heh heh :)

Honestly some people need to GET OVER THEMSELVES..

The world of internet has a gazillion things said about *someone* and if you have done no ill then you will be fine..
A question was merely poised and if untrue then a polite email requesting a removal and the persons side of the story would be far more lucrative in gaining favor than a threat of a suit.

And what a Appalling case :( I do think I remember seeing a show on this and wondering how on earth people can do that to other human beings :(
Anyone who has ever been involved in anything that harms a child in any way should be exposed in any way shape and form x

Anonymous said...

Tell her that unless she is running for office and you are campaigning against her, there is no law on the book preventing you from saying anythign you damn well please. In fact, Id be happy to devote a whole post saying that she is nothing but a weenie...line after line after line.

Hey, Mershona Parshall, LISW, ATR-BC - youre a weenie!!! Give that to your lawyer and tell him to suck on it!

2 Be True

Anonymous said...

Seriously, I think the whole of the Adoption Community needs to roundly mock this person. I put up a post.

SUE ME, Mershona Parshall, you idiot! YOU CANT STOP THE SIGNAL!!! Welcome to the final frontier of FREE SPEECH!!!