Saturday, January 05, 2008


This has nothing to do with Adoption. It has very much to do with me. A dear very dear friend of mine called me last night. Mike P. is someone that I would jump hoops through. Just like my buddies, Bryan, Artie, Billie, and Donald. This is a shout out to you guys, HOWDY. Love Ya'll!!!!!

My friend, Mike, called very upset and crying. This is not something that this man does. He is a good father just like my other high school buddies. He told me about this story last night. I didn't know this gentleman. I say this because this man was an officer and a gentleman. I didn't get to meet this man. I graduated three years before he did. He was still a member of the ROTC team at my high school, Corpus Christi's Richard King High School. He was also a fellow alumni member. He was an officer, a Captain. He was fighting for my right to protest in New Orleans. He was fighting for my freedom along with the rest of us. Whether or not we agree with this war is besides the point. The point of this post is to honor a friend.

Being a veteran myself, I worry about our US troops. I pray for them constantly. What happened was horrifying. An Iraqi soldier killed Captain Rowdy Inman and another soldier. For what purpose is unknown. I do know that a memorial service was held at Fort Hood, Texas yesterday. It angers me that someone took the life of an American soldier to further his purpose with his God. This man was doing his job following the orders along with Ben Portal. This soldier left behind a wife and three children.

I dedicate this post to these men and their families. Thank you for doing your job. I know you have heard it a thousand times. I know you don't think its all that important. Its all part of the job but I as a Desert Storm veteran and as an American still thank you for the sacrifice.

I know that the angels of Heaven have welcomed these two men into their loving arms. They too will become the guardian angels to their families. May you rest in peace.

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Anonymous said...

God bless our military men and women. I pray for them too. And I pray God be with the families of those brave soldiers and Iraqis who died to protect them.

Thanks for the post!