Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Everyone is wanting to promote adoption. Even OriginsUSA had a pro-lifer show up on their email list. Why is it so hard to see that adoption is not the only answer for abortions? Why can't we as a society promote family preservation as an answer too?

Family Preservation wrote about this on Op Ed News as well. Florida's Pro-Life license plate program does not go to help mothers who want to parent their own children. It only goes to women who want to place their children for adoption.

I have posted about Bank of America providing a credit card to help adoptive parents pay for their adoptions. Now Chase Banks are doing the same with a home equity line for adoption called New Additions. The article can be found here.

I am not dead set against adoption. I realize in our society we will always have a need for it. I do believe that prospective adoptive parents are just as taken advantage of as the rest of us. Adoption should not be used as a way of appeasing adoptive parents. It should be about giving children homes.

If we as a society really want to reduce the need for abortions, other ways must be looked at. Sex education, contraception, and parenting must be looked at.


AdoptAuthor said...

Thank you for bringing the credit card issue to light, Amy.

Why is no one doing anything to help mothers in need??? Or even - at the least - making a distinction between the adoption of true orphans and infant BUYING!


Andie D. said...

I'm not exactly against adoption either. But SHIT ON A STICK people! Why is it that adoption is seen as the only alternative to abortion?

Wait - I get it. Abortion and adoption are seen as ways for birthmoms to get rid of their unwanted pregnancies. Unlike abortions, adopted children grow up. And they want and deserve answers.


Mary said...

Great post as usual Amy!

Anonymous said...

The opposite of abortion is parenting.

And why we as a culture look for every possible way to finance adoption but not finance families, well, it's repugnant. The FL lic. place, the Chase Bank, all of it, disgusting. Actually, think it's time to cancel my Chase card and explain why. YUCK! Do a real service, finance services to avoid the need for adoption...that is what the children need.

Gershom Kaligawa said...

I am SO SICK of being told I was almost aborted by people who have no freakin clue about my origins, my conception, my mothers pregnancy with me and choices she made thereafter. Everyone needs to stop assuming and listen to our voices, could we be screaming any louder?