Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Recently a dear friend, Mia, contacted myself and others about this website. It is probably a very dark attempt at humor. However, as an adoption reformist, I don't find it funny. There are pictures of children on this website. Its child exploitation at its finest. When I read this website, I was reminded of Masha Allen. How many of you know her story? She was adopted by pedophile. Just because an adoptee can be snarky, is it right to encourage this kind of exploitation of children and parents? I know that I don't want my adoptive mother portrayed in such a manner. It is disgusting.

Now I know that I called the NCFA to get the crap pulled. The reason why I called them is because I know that they have power to pull this shit from the internet. I will call everyone that I can to get this pulled.

This comment alone sent me over the top. Do you as an adoptee want your adoptive parents viewed this way? Do you as an adoptee want to be viewed this way? We have enough real issues to fight in the adoption industry itself. We don't need this kind of crap being put on the internet. Shame on those who found this humorous.

Many agencies refuse to help children who have worked in the sex trade, suffered horrific sexual abuse, or themselves been convicted of predatory sexual crimes. When it comes to children, we recognize that such behaviors of victim or aggressor behavior are not products of the child's true nature, but rather a product of their rearing. If you know best how to "rear" the child that will give you a piece of them, so you can both enjoy a hearty, healthy, happy life, we are unable and unwilling to judge them thusly for it.Please bear in mind that you can not sexually victimize your new child, and that, even if your new child is over the age of consent (14 in Mississippi, but older in other states,) we strongly discourage you from participating in even "consensual" sex acts, regardless of gender balance, status of those in attendance, or reasonably traditional nature of the acts. This is a serious "no no" for our agency

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