Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I was cruising the blogs. I hit a friend's blog that I haven't read in a while. I am sure everyone has heard or read something about this Marine. I knew there was hints of adoption in the story. That her mother was trying to get her to place her baby for adoption. I also heard that her mother called her a compulsive liar. I remember thinking how could you do that to your daughter. I thought that this woman was her biological mother. Then I read the Lizard Lounge blog. I found out that she was adopted. I felt my heart hit my gut. All I can think is my poor fallen sister. I too am a veteran of the armed forces. Oh my God. She was totally alone. The U.S. Marine Corp left her to deal with this alone. She ended up dying at the hands of her rapist. Her adopter abandoned her further in life and in death. She disparages her after she goes missing. I just can't believe it. How was it that this woman was allowed to even adopt?

I am absolutely sickened and disheartened that a fellow female soldier was so candidly discarded. I also just thought of something even more horrifying. When a soldier dies, they leave behind a $200,000 life insurance check for their loved ones. I hope seriously that the U.S. Marine Corp did not give this money to this woman. This woman did not honor this woman her child in life. She also did not honor this daughter of hers in death.

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