Monday, March 10, 2008


I got an email from a dear father friend. I can tell you that I am not happy. What this woman doesn't realize is that he and I don't intimidate easy. By the time, I am done with her. She will have a nation of adoptees, natural parents and adoptive parents that will be very very angry with her. We all shall pass the word that she is a very horrible person to do business with. I have already written legislators and newspapers in Texas. She will be run out of Texas or put in a Texas prison. Tomorrow I will contact the licensing agency to have her license to practice adoption revoked. I also have friends on the inside. Beware Ms. Ryan.

Lets show the connections:

James Webb:

He owns the Abraham Center of Life in California. He also owns the American Center of Choice. He owned another adoption agency, Heart of Gold adoptions which was located in California. Closed down probably due to ethical issues and robbing adoptive parents blind.

Now Larry Jenkins is representing the adoption agencies and the entitled adopters in four cases. He must be a very busy man. I have to wonder if he has lost his hair or turned gray. I am sure he will join in the battle against Camira Bailey and possibly Shawn McDonald as well. He better watch out for Shawn. He is a Texan and we don't take things lying down. We fight back and we fight hard and dirty.

The stories.

Shawn McDonald.
Cody O'Dea
Joshua Simmerson
Bryn Ayre
Camira Bailey.
Matt Tenneson.

Larry Jenkins:

According to his website:

Wood Crapo counsels and advises licensed child-placing agencies and represents some in court and before administrative agencies as requested.

Wood Crapo also represents adoptive applicants or birth mothers in private and agency adoptions, and Wood Crapo has assisted out-of-state adoptive parents obtain parental rights termination orders. Non-resident adoptive families can finalize their adoptions in Utah if the child is born in Utah or the child is in the legal custody of a Utah licensed child-placing agency. Wood Crapo has helped dozens of non-residents finalize their adoptions in Utah.

Because Wood Crapo represents licensed child-placing agencies, Wood Crapo does not provide matching services. Wood Crapo also does not provide birth father representation services.

Wood Crapo’s support staff is experienced in the intricacies of adoption practice, and provides timely and expert assistance to our attorneys.

For more information about Wood Crapo’s adoption practice, please contact:

Larry S. Jenkins or call (801) 366-6060

Richard J. Armstrong or call (801) 366-6092

Lance D. Rich or call (801) 366-6079

Larry Jenkins represents LDS Social Services agencies and American Center of Choice. Seems like this man is very business.

He is a member of the American Association of Adoption Attorneys. He is also on The Utah Adoption Council. In fact this little group teaches adoption in schools. They also make the laws on adoption in Utah. They are now working out of LDS Social Services in Utah.

Here is a major story that was in the Houston newspaper and it also hit the Dallas newspapers as well. Is the author a liar? I don't think so. Is this report wrong? What about this one in San Antonio? Is this one wrong too? There are hundreds more. All I have to do is google your name. Sorry JennaLee Ryan, you are very busted and will be once again.


Anonymous said...

This isn't a direct comment on the blogentry above, but just an invitation to look into the Homestead Child Placement Agency. It was based in Fort Worth and went out of business in the early '70's. They used fake names for the bMoms, lied about a lot, sold babies (one set of triplets went for $10k apiece). On top of all of that, when they went out of business they burned all the records. We, as Homestead adoptees and bMoms have NOTHING to go on. We're still finding each other, but we'd like to get the word out.

Our myspace addy is

We have a Yahoo group as well.


Homestead Adoptee 9/70
Reunited with bMom 3/98
Reunited with bDad 2/08

Anonymous said...

Jennalee Ryan is on Craigslist searching for a husband who as she relocates to Hawaii with an adopted little girl. What has she done that is wrong?