Friday, June 20, 2008


I worked for AT&T for a little over a year. We had a good contract. One of the benefits of the company was a $5,000 adoption benefit. Interesting they never offered this for people increasing their families through natural means. This seems to be a new and upcoming benefit offered by many other companies.

There was an article on CNN about this very issue. There have been several stories regarding this in the news for the last few weeks. The Dave Thomas Foundation even put out a list for the most adoption friendly companies. A Fortune 500 of companies offering excellent benefits in regards to adoption. These companies want the world to view them as family friendly. Yea right.

One of the companies mentioned in this article is Bank of America. They now provide the credit card for the National Council for Adoption. Sounds just a little too lucrative to me. They also offer adoption incentives and benefits to their companies. I guess its money that makes the world go round.

Sorry, I need to go take a bath. Something about this just makes me feel icky.


Anonymous said...

"Interesting they never offered this for people increasing their families through natural means"

Why should they? People who have biological children get coverage of labor through medical insurance offered as part of benefits package.

Amyadoptee said...

Excuse me? I beg to differ. Both families created naturally and through adoption get health insurance. These companies are now offering $5,000 (at AT&T) to those who adopt. Lets talk about the tax benefits. Okay people are able to get a tax credit for adoption, up to $10,000 along with the normal child tax credit that they would get. That starts to add up. I as a parent never got that tax credit for my children who I gave birth to. I don't get a $5,000 check from the company that I work for when I give birth. Sorry that is discrimination.